Hair Wrapping Cartoons!

A friend of mine recently contacted me with some innovative scarf tying ideas.  She didn’t want her face on the internet, so instead, she drew instructions for us!  Aren’t they adorable?  Can’t wait to try ’em!

Here is the first wrap, using one long scarf and a beret:

wrapunzel the beret turban


And here is the second one!

wrapunzel the elvish veil

Wrapunzel the elvish veil

11 thoughts on “Hair Wrapping Cartoons!

  1. Batsheva Tova

    Love the cartoons. I have been thinking about combining a scarf and a beret – I actually have a few floppy ones I knitted myself. Thanks for giving me the courage!! 🙂


  2. Liat

    The cartoons are fantastic. Love the instructions. The beret idea is great. I use to do that when I first got married and forgot about the look.


  3. I went fishing yesterday and started to wear a simple tichel, but since I had skin cancer, surgery and reconstruction,I was warned not to get my nose sunburned. A straw hat didn’t fit over the tichel, and I have a lot of hair. So I tried a baseball cap and then wrapped a turban tichel over it. It worked a lot like this beret post idea, and saved me from more sunburn!

    I LOVE your site, so inspiring! Gd bless you lovely women.


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