Look like you have TONS of hair!

It has come to my attention that many ladies feel hesitant to cover their hair with a tichel because they feel that their hair is too fine/thin/short/nonexistent.  I personally have fine hair, so here I have made a video on how to “fake” having tons of hair.

This is the first video that I’ve made with myself talking instead of the background music.  It was suggested that I try this because it might make the instructions more clear.  Let me know what you think of this new format!  I promise that next time I will try to be less awkward 😛

Whether you have fine/thin/short/nonexistent hair, or just want to look like you have more, make sure that you start this tie with your hair out of the way.  Tie it up high, brush it back, wear a headband to pull it back etc.  Just make sure that it is out of the way so you can work with the scarf.

46 thoughts on “Look like you have TONS of hair!

  1. Rachel

    Thank you so much for that helpful video. I do like it better when you speak – you provide lots of valuable information and tips, and you tell us things that we wouldn’t have necessarily picked up on. Great site! Thanks!


  2. Linda

    Thanks. I’ve always wondered why everyone else seemed to have so much hair under their scarf! One question — Doesn’t the knot on the back of your neck bother you? Especially in this video, where you knotted the scarf 3 times, it must feel thick back there & make it difficult to move your head in some directions.


    1. Hi Linda,
      I took your question to heart and decided to experiment with moving my head around with lots of knots behind my head (I tried it with 6!) I found out that if the scarf is extremely thick, then yes, the knot might make it a bit harder to move your head back. However, with my 6 knot experiment on regular cotton scarves, the knots were at the base of my hairline, and I didn’t find during the day that I noticed them at all. There really was no moment in my day when I needed to move my head that far back. I suppose if one has a super tall husband then maybe it might pose a problem if she has to look up to talk to him! Let me know what you think of my response and if you have had any problems yourself!


    2. I liked your voice and talking. Do you have any tips for making head wrap to look bigger in height, not just at the back If that makes sense? Like tall head wrap. I donnow if that’s just the matter of lenght and material to use or… Thanks for going out of your comfort zones for us, appreciate what you do 🙂


  3. Linda

    Thanks for your response about knots. Years ago, I found that just one knot was uncomfortable, so I just cross the ends & then wind them around my head & tuck them in along the way. But I’m going to give it another try. I really like your bun, & I think it won’t stay well without at least one knot, & maybe another for a 2nd scarf. (I don’t have a really tall husband, but if I did, maybe he’d be willing to sit down when I talk with him.)


    1. Dinah

      Linda I also just cross my scarf in the back if its a heavy scarf. I have very thin short hair and i found this video helpful..I have gone out and purchased some very light scarfs with contrasting colors to try the layer look.


  4. Janine

    Good day,

    I am very happy I ran into your site. Cause every time I try to wear a headscarf I feel as if it looks I have little to no hair.

    But what I was wondering is what type of scarf would you need to create more volume? A Pashmina scarf? Linen? Silk? of wich fabric does it has to be made? And does it have to be square shape? Long? And how long how many centimeters in broadness and length.


    From The Netherlands


  5. Elizabeth

    Ok don’t laugh….but I took a bath scrubby, a nylon loofah, and snipped the string that held it together. This left me with a long netting tube. I cut a hair elastic and threaded the tube onto the elastic and then tied the the elastic.

    I then put my homemade volumizer on around my sad little bun. This is a very inexpensive, lightweight option.


      1. Elizabeth

        Not originally my idea, but I use it. I sent a photo to Rivka. I think she is going to post it. Can’t beat a volumizer for under a buck! I think what I like most is that it is so light.


  6. cindercyn

    I am so glad I stumbled across you! I do like the videos with you talking instead of music. Thanks for all you good tips….I look forward to exploring more about you after Shabbat. Shabbat Shalom!


  7. Kendall

    Hello! I am a Catholic college student who covers, and I’ve been having the same issues! But tonight -moments ago, really- I resolved them! There are tutorials on youtube for how to make a “sock bun” that gives you a full, smooth bun and is a great size for wearing under a tichel! Here is a tutorial on how to make the bun: http://youtu.be/o_9liWtNbBg And here is one on how to wear it: http://youtu.be/hfMlMhSACCE
    I hope this helps! I just tried it and it worked beautifully for me, because the socks added a little stability. This is so easy and cheap; give it a try!
    P.S. This site has been so helpful to me! Not many Christians understand why I feel called to do this, and I don’t know any Jewish women where I live in the “Bible Belt,” so your tutorials taught me everything. Thank you so very much, and God bless you!


    1. Kendall, thank you for sharing! I just tried the sock bun and you are right, it definitely works and is super friendly on the wallet. There are quite a few Christians on this site that also cover, so please let me know if you would like me to get you in contact with them. I know it can be lonely sometimes. I’m very glad that you have found this site!


      1. Hey Andrea, Kendall, others,
        Please, I am a Christian who has been thinking about covering for a long time now (almost three years) and have been doing research about different cultures/religions where women cover. Please can you connect me to some of the other Christian ladies who cover (on your website)? Would appreciate much!!


        1. Hello, I am late in this post and just read your comments, Majesty’s Imagination. How is your head covering journey coming along? I would love to hear about being it and share mine as well. 😃


    2. Ann Washburn

      Kendall, I am not Catholic, but I am not Jewish either. I am a Christian who was called to cover, and I also have short hair, so until now I’ve been wearing my scarves hanging down in the back. now after watching this video, I’ve got great ideas for how to make a “fake hair bun”!

      Andrea, hank you so much for the tutorial! and I can empathize about feeling uncomfortable hearing your own voice, I think mine is awful but am always told I have a very nice voice–I just don’t hear it.

      just remember, GOD gave you that voice, so HE loves it! 🙂


  8. Oria

    I’m messianic and I LOVE wearing Tichels! In our belief unmarried women ( if they feel called) wear them. I am one and I really enjoy them! thanks for all your tutorials they are soo helpful and all soo beautiful keep up the great work! Shalom!


  9. Ina Cohen

    I am a Savta. I have been covering my hair for over 25 years and have never found a head covering or Sheitl that I like. I am also a scarf collector. My unmarked daughter who lives in Israel sent me a link to your site. I thank you and her daily. I now know how to wear tickles with a boubou and the velvet band. I look great and feel like a queen!


  10. Kimberly Clymer

    This is so helpful! I have very short hair and am “patiently” waiting for it to grow. Such a great idea! Thank you


  11. Hi Andrea, I have breast cancer and I just started chemo, before I before I start losing hair I shaved my head. Now I am using your tutorials to cover my head thank you very much.


  12. Tami

    I am a Christian who is just beginning to cover my hair. My husband and I feel it is important and supported by Scripture. I have watched several of your tutorial videos and am excited about this new adventure. I will be the only one at my church who wears a head covering and other than the few Indian women in my community I have never seen anyone else who covers. Our 2nd anniversary is on the 30th and I plan to begin covering daily on that day.

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  13. Mora Malka

    I am 47 years old, been married 29 years and always wondered about the perfect bump. I now followed your video and bought what I needed. It worked perfectly!! Thank you!


  14. Mel

    This is fabulous! I am currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer and find wigs so uncomfortable to wear but really didn’t like the ‘chemo head’ look that scarfs gave me.

    Now thanks to your fabulous videos, I have put a rolled up leg warmer inside my sleep cap and can make lovely wraps from my scarfs which have a fabulous shape. I’ve just been out to buy more scarfs and sashes to try more of your ideas.

    Thank you! You have no idea how much confidence you have given me. Instead of feeling that I look like a cancer victim, I now feel I have a whole new, glamorous ‘me’!


  15. Keeley

    Thankyou so much for this video! I am a Christian woman and an alopecia sufferer so I like to cover my head and not go out bald. I often get mistaken for a cancer sufferer, which can be uncomfortable, but this might help fool a few people! Thank you!!!!!


  16. I’m a Catholic woman, married for 23 year now. (Married when I was 18) I am moved to start covering my hair, not because of health issues, but I think truly it will bring me closer in my heart to G-d. I am also hoping to show an example to my 15 year old daughter as well. I was thinking I can never wearing wrapunzel because I have SHORT hair. I don’t know what came over me but after three years growing my hair, it all came off in one chop. Now, I know I too can wear one. Thank you!


  17. Selena

    Thank you so much!!! I hope to watch all your videos and use these techniques to cover my hair when I get married BH!!!!!


  18. Tzivia

    Your videos are awesome!! And it’s clear how many women’s’ lives you are impacting Andrea! I’m just an ordinary frum head covering woman but I’m having so much trouble finding hats that work and I have to dress up for work. Now I get so many compliments at work and I love watching your videos! You always look so beautiful and elegant. Thank you!


  19. Donna

    I am ecstatic to have come across your website! I’ve admired elaborate head wraps but wasn’t sure how to go about it (especially making it look like there is more hair than what’s really there!). Can’t wait to go through the entire website. Many, many thanks for all your hard work!


  20. Diana

    Love this video! It helps a lot. I was wondering, what if you have no bun of your own hair at all? Will this method still work? I live in Texas and it’s really hot here so I was looking for ways to look like I have hair without a volumizer using just the one long scarf.


  21. Bonnie

    Wonderful! I am losing my hair at age 66! I want to learn where to purchase the shaper, headband and scarves then learn to wrap them. This will change the quality of my life! Thank you do much!


  22. myra craig

    Great video…very clear.and I think I will go to Walmart and pick up a pretty summery scarf and give it a try!!…..Thanks so much….Myra Craig


  23. Zipporah Kaufman

    Thank you for showing this video. I do have a couple of “buns” from your website but sometimes I need to a quick wrap. I too have thin hair but I’m older and mine in the bangs have thinned quite a bit but the rest is down to my bum which will all be cut off and donated this fri. Question: how do you stop the Tichle from itching your hair , mine are new and badly pulls my hair, I have scraps that are hanging on and I feel it’s pulling my hair out?
    Also, yes please(!) no music.


  24. Rhonda

    Thank you so much. I like hearing the voice instruct over music. This is the first time I have seen your video and I love it. I am losing hair like crazy, plus it is extremely fine, and short. Love your video!


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