This is the tutorials section, which also includes FAQs, troubleshooting and other information.  Do you have a request or something you would like to see or learn here?  Let us know in the comments and I can make it happen!

13 thoughts on “Tutorials

    1. Serena

      Hey there,
      So we are doing a play from the time of Martin Luther for school, and I was just looking around for a head wrap that would suit this time period, and a tutorial to go along with it, so that we can use it as part of the costume.


    2. Jackie

      Sarah, I’m brand new to wrapping, but my hair is also super long, it’s nearly to my knees, add in all the volume from the curl and I feel your pain haha. I used the dutchess wrap tutorial last night and nailed it first try.


  1. Dazey

    Sarah, doesn’t your hair get heavy? Mine is long, too, but not that long! It’s not below my hips yet. Is yours think? I guess you keep it in a bun? I can’t even imagine how you can deal with that. I mean how can you stand it? Taking showers must be an adventure. And then combing it out afterward.. isn’t that hard? 🙂


  2. Dazey

    Is your long hair a religious thing? I am Muslim – so I wear scarves, and we also keep our hair long.. most of us anyway.. but we are allowed to cut it. We are supposed to keep it long though, or at least not cut it like a man’s. But that’s about it. I know there are Christian sects that do not cut their hair. I don’t know if there’s any of that in Judaism, I know very little about that. I know that there are different sects like in Islam.. some women dress modestly and cover – like the lady here. I once bought a bathing suit (like a burqini – modest) from someone in Israel who dresses modestly too. We all worship the same God so it makes sense that there should be similarities. 🙂


  3. Nancy Kilroy

    Some where, there was a small picture showing a suggestion of a combination of scarves and I thought that it was really fun and helpful.


  4. Erica

    I am a recent convert in a reform Jewish congregation. I would love to wrap my hair for a variety of reasons but it is typically only done by Orthodox women. I would love to hear from other reform Jews who still honor the modesty of hair covering (and perhaps other orthodox traditions). Can anyone help me?


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