Welcome Welcome!

I am happy to share this new site, which will be about everything to do with hair wrapping!  The “hair wrapping how-to” section was getting much too crowded over on andreagrinberg.com, plus I have many ideas on new places that I want to take this art.

You can look forward to:
– Almost daily “what I’m wearing on my head” posts! (hopefully this won’t ever get repetitive.)
– Inspirational photos and stories of other women and how they cover their hair!
– Frequent Q&A and personalized troubleshooting
– As well as the usual how-to videos, photo inspiration and hair covering thoughts that have always been there!

What would YOU like to see here?  Let me know and I will do the best I can to feature it!

There are so many women that cover their hair with scarves for various reasons.  This site is a place to share and learn about this beautiful art together.

Here is what I’m wearing on my head today:  Silk scarf with flower pin 🙂
Andrea Grinberg Scarf Wrapunzel Tichel Flower