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The Regal Wrap Tutorial!

Here is a very detailed tutorial on how to do the Regal Wrap – the most essential wrap that you should know!

Fancy Side Ponytail

(Scroll down to the comments section of this post to see a very interesting discussion about hair covering and religion.)

I am very happy with the results of this wrap!  This particular style is a Regal Wrap with Hanging Tails, except instead of using the pin to secure the ends, I used the purple tails to create a side ponytail.

It was also nice to discover that I had earrings with red, purple and turquoise in them… so my nails actually matched (somewhat)!

Awesome Wrap!

I do have to say… I am quite happy with today’s wrap!

Take a look at the tutorial here.  The pin that I added is something that I found in a thrift shop!  I honestly don’t know how anyone would wear it other than on a headwrap 😛