I figured it out!!!!!!!

Those of you that have been following my sari scarf saga (which started before this blog and even andreagrinberg.com were even in existence) will understand how OVER THE MOON I am about this sari scarf discovery!  Last Shabbat, my hands did something miraculous when tying my sari scarf – they figured out how to cover my entire head with the sari scarf (it’s normally not wide enough to do this!)  And then I did it again and again!  Look!andrea grinberg wrapunzel sari scarf

I know!  Can you believe it’s actually possible?  I almost couldn’t believe my eyes and am SO happy!!  Anyway, after doing this the first time, I proceeded to wrap this style on every woman I encountered thereafter who was interested in wearing a sari scarf!  (There were many workshops last weekend – check out the Wrapunzel store page for pics!)  So now I have to ask; WHO WANTS A TUTORIAL?
andrea grinberg wrapunzel sari scarf

Hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful (and brisk where I live) evening!  Love love love!!!

New Sari Scarf!

If you have been following this blog for a while, you may already know about my love for the “sari scarf” that I own.  For those of you that don’t, a sari scarf is a scarf made of recycled sari strips.  It’s beautiful, and with one easy knot makes it look like you are wearing a myriad of scarves on your head.  I wear mine whenever I need to pull off something fast and formal… so when I found another one in thrift store ($3!) of different colours from the one I already own, I decided to get it.  Here it is!

And here is the tutorial on how to do this wrap!