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New Favourite

Here it is – the over/under wrap with a beautiful bow embellishment!  If you want to try this, make sure the top scarf is thin enough to work with the bow.  I think this is one of my current favourites!

Bring On the Colour!

Brrrrr!  It’s cold outside where I’m living, so, armed with inspiration from today’s “Lady Wrap Star”, Elizabeth (see post here), I decided to don a bright square scarf, add another bright long scarf and finish it off with twists!  My awesome husband also took these photos, which resulted in much nicer shots than the ones I take of myself 🙂

colourful wrapunzel twist andrea

And here is an artsy shot of half my smiling face:
wrapunzel colourful

I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend and is looking forward to a productive week filled with beautiful moments, surprises, achievements, special connections and of course, gorgeous head wraps!