A Sparkly Thank You!

A very generous reader all the way across the ocean thought of me while shopping, and sent me this stunning beaded band in the mail!  It’s such a perfect hair wrapping accessory; I decided to wear it for the holiday of Sukkot paired with a green, flowered scarf.  Thank you!!!

(Yep, these photos were snapped pre makeup and earring almost falling out – there was so much cooking and running around to do before the beginning of the holiday!)

The dress I wore was a gift from my husband!  It is one of those “covers all” dresses that I don’t need to wear anything else over in order to be comfortably modest.  It’s from the vintage section of etsy (very affordable!) and is perfect for the nippy weather!


Silk Discovery

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to a lovely woman’s scarf “shop” on etsy.com.  For those of you that don’t know, Etsy is a site that allows artistic people to sell their handmade creations via the internet.  I love this concept, because it allows you to buy beautiful creations directly from the creator.  Most of the prices are very reasonable, but even if some things cost a few dollars more, I will gladly pay that to support small businesses and be able to forge a relationship with the person that makes the products.  For me, that relationship is so important and something that my generation is often lacking.  Anyway, I messaged the woman, talked a bit, picked a scarf, and just received it in the mail!  It’s beautiful, colourful, and light.  I love the paneling and that it’s the perfect size to wrap around my head.  Anyway, her name is Norma, and you should check out her creations here.

Here is the scarf I ordered:

andrea grinberg wrapunzel silk

The first wrap that I did, I used a purple israeli scarf to bring out the purple hues in the green one:



The second wrap (which I’m wearing today) is my father’s influence.  He spoke to me recently, telling me about a woman that he saw on the subway wearing a really cool headwrap.  He tried to describe it as best he could, telling me that the ends were hanging down on both sides like hair, and this is my attempt at recreating what he told me!

andrea grinberg wrapunzel silk

andrea grinberg wrapunzel silk