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Contrasting Colours

I really wanted to wear my mustard yellow cardigan and couldn’t figure out a head covering to match!  So then I figured, why match?  Therefore I paired it with a teal/black/blue scarf and wore it with a teal shell and black skirt.  And of course my beautiful tichel tiara.  Awesome!

Sunrise Hues

There was a time when I went through a contrasting colour phase;  All the colours I wore had to be contrast with each other, especially the ones on my head!  Blue and orange, yellow and purple, green and pink, etc. would all make bold appearances together.  However, lately I am going through a monochromatic phase where I will pair together blue and green, purple and navy, red and orange, and pink with blush.  Today was no exception!  What colour pairings are you loving lately?