Teal&White VS Teal&Black – and one great accessory!

I’ve gotta say… it takes a lot for me to fall in love with an accessory.  I have pins that I wear once and never wear again (I usually give them to a friend!) or headbands that look great but sit around unused.

This hasn’t happened with this headband – I haven’t even had a chance to put it away since I nabbed it!  On both these tichels, I wasn’t planning on incorporating it… but then as I finished the wrap, I realized that it needed a little something, and this was the perfect something!  There’s something so lovely about the style – and it matches all my jewelry!

Here I am, trying out the Dreamy Lace in white – I’m definitely going to do something like this for Shabbat!

And on Sunday, I went to a wedding – Mazal tov!  It was one of those Yeshivish weddings that was EXTREMELY packed (standing room only!) and I was the only one wearing a tichel!  Now, I’ve been the only one in a tichel in lots of weddings before, but lately I’ve been getting spoiled in Baltimore because so many ladies here are getting Wrapunzeled!  It was kind of nice to attend a wedding in Baltimore and be the only one in a tichel again!  I decided to go for a more subdued and elegant look (black shimmery, hello!) and this was a perfect option!  I was really excited about this more subtle look – the lace sash that I’m wearing on my head is actually from the dress!

Hope you’re all doing so so well!  I’ve certainly missed blogging on here, and am uper happy to be back!
Love, Andrea

New Accessory Discovery!

All you Wrapunzel ladies know how that the weirdest baubles can make the greatest scarf accessories!  Brooches, earrings, belts, and necklaces have all made their ways onto our heads!  Now here’s a new idea (not my own) – a belt buckle!  So cool!  What do you think?
Andrea Grinberg Wrapunzel

I’m loving it so much that we’re definitely going to bring them to the store for you!  I can see so many endless possibilities!