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  1. Lynn Mate-Cramer

    Andrea, i have followed you on you tube for awhile and have learned much- not just about head covering but modesty as well…your warmth and gentleness are inviting!…so glad to see this blog…i am an Eastern Orthodox Christian and have been covering for about a year…. … i have a question for you…could you detail your hair care routine?…i am finding that what i did before i covered and had a short pixie cut, does not work so well w cover and longer hair (its very thick)….thank you!


    1. Hi Lynn! So glad to have you on here! I am planning on doing a post about hair care sometime but for now, here is what I do: my hair is currently below chin length… I cut it in the summer when it was down to the middle of my waist. Do you use a velvet headband? (Or any sort of headband?) I find those can really help ladies that have shorter hair when worn underneath. I have found that my hair has actually become healthier since covering, but you need to watch your vitamin D. I wash it every other day (less than before) and try not to use too much conditioner at the roots. My hair is not too thick so my problem is more slipperyness. What are your issues with thick hair? Maybe someone on here with thick hair can respond and help out!


      1. Lynn Mate-Cramer

        what i had in mind was more the care- as you spoke about w washing and conditioning….i do use the velvet headband and they are worth it!…my hair is about chin length now, a little layered from being grown out from pixie….i did have it “shaped” not too long ago…so far, i have learned 2 things: condition only the ends and make absolutely certain your hair and scalp are absolutely DRY before covering or itchy scalp will find you! I am looking forward to seeing your hair-care video!


        1. You are so right! We need to make sure to condition only the ends and make sure the hair is dry (though in the summer I usually went with my hair wet and it kept me cool!) I sometimes use baby powder if my hair is feeling slippery. Vitamin D has really helped because I am getting less sun exposure. Make sure to not tie your hair back too tight or you will get “ballerina syndrome” (aka a weird sort of baldness!) I make sure that when I am home, I cover with a loose hat or something that does not require my hair to be tied back too tightly. Again, I have found that my hair looks much better since covering – less split ends and heat damage!


  2. naomi

    thank you Andrea!!! I used to wear wigs but after we move to israel I started going on scarfs and after I saw your tutorials I was so inspired to keep wearing tichels thank you so much for all the great ideas! all the brachos!!!


    1. Ladies, if the tutorial is on YouTube it can be downloaded using several different free programs, so that it is available offline. I use Hyper it is made just for YouTube, but there are several out there. Hope this will help!


  3. Bethany Perry

    I recently starting covering just because it’s so beautiful, but have since felt spiritually convicted to become more modest all around. Thank you for putting your vids out into cyberspace! You have such a positive influence for modesty! Covering has lifted my self esteem so greatly and enriched my spiritual life, I’m encouraging the women around me to cover. Modesty isn’t lame, it’s beautiful and empowering! Thank you for putting yourself out there Andrea! Love seeing women of different religions connecting. Praise G-d, He is sooooooo good!

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  4. Rachel Yadin

    Is there any way to get the tutorials on a DVD or two?
    Maybe a way to download the tutorials onto a laptop?
    It would really be a wonderful help to me.
    I would definitely pay for them!
    I also know others would as well.
    Thank you,


  5. Rivka

    I can’t believe I missed you!

    My name is Rivka Kellman, I switched from sheitels to scarves a few years ago, and without access to Internet I was doing my best to troubleshoot and be creative on my own (there weren’t as many scarvers in Monsey a few years ago, and it’s still rare enough that I stand out). My husband works as a boys’ councilor for Shabbatons at Ohr Somayach, and one Shabbat I met another scarver who advised me to check out Rivka Malka. I did, and she linked to you, and once I got a smart phone I found you’d started wrapunzel, and I became a regular follower.

    People everywhere stop me and ask about my head gear, and I am constantly referring them to Wrapunzel for your tutorials. This past Shabbat, I was visiting a friend of mine, went through the whole shpiel about wrapunzel, and then motzei Shabbat she went to your event! She didn’t have my number and I totally missed seeing you women right in my own neighborhood! I’m eating myself!

    Okay, you’ve just GOT to tell me the next time you’re in Monsey! Please? Much success with the new business.

    All the best,
    Rivka Ayelet


  6. Andrea, thank you so much for taking the time to create and run this website. I’ve just started covering my hair over the last few weeks, and so far your blog has kept me committed. Your enthusiasm and warmth are inspiring. I wish I could know you in person. Thank you for being wonderful! 🙂

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  7. Genifer

    Hello. I’m Genifer & I’m new to your site. First I want to thank you for your great ideas & tutorials. I’m a Christian woman & just starting with covering my hair to honor God & my husband, after a lot of research on this topic. I feel in my heart that it is right for me & it seems to help me stay grounded & focused. We will be celebrating our 15th anniversary next year & will be having our first wedding ceremony in a church. I’ve been researching about a head wrapping ceremony to have as part of the wedding. My idea is to have my husband wrap it after we are pronounced husband & wife again. I haven’t been able to find any kind of information about this though. If anyone has some ideas for this please let me know. I’m open to anything regardless of it’s culture. Thank you & have a blessed day!!

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  8. Dorit

    Hello. I come from a Traditional/Secular background but have always wanted to don a tichel. This used to be for aesthetic reasons but now that I’m married and live in a predominantly Christian city, I feel an extra need to protect my “Jewishness” so to speak. At the same time, I’m uncomfortable with going 100% frum i.e. long sleeves, long skirt, and the whole “tzniut” getup. That brings me to my question for you: Is it hypocritical to mix frum attire with secular clothing? Can I pair a tichel with blue jeans and a t-shirt? Would wearing jeans reduce the spirituality of the tichel? I’ve seen Muslima pair blue jeans with a hijab… so why can’t Jewish women do the same with tichel????


  9. Hi Dorit, i can not find anywhere in scripture where it says that women should only wear dresses/skirts. it only says “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.” This verse — Deuteronomy 22:5. I strongly believe in “tzniut” and wear ultra modest clothing….that includes pants. they are NOT tight/form fitting and I Always pare it with shirts that cover my tush.
    Try not to look at it as “Frum vs secular clothing” ’cause that is quite limiting when you go shopping! if you see a shirt or dress that is trendy and you like it, pair it up with a complementary colored undershirt to make it modest. ( although the are talking about Tichels… watch the videos of Andrea or RivkaMalka or NaomiRose, this is exactly what they do ) and as always wear your head covering a a crown and remember that you are a queen!


    1. Frances

      Clothes for ‘men’ or ‘women’ are a part of culture. Did you know that in Indonesia, the men wear what westerners would call a ‘skirt’? It’s a sarong and the style for men is different from what women wear. Would you consider a Scottish kilt a ‘skirt’? It started out as a blanket which they strapped around the waist with a belt so it would easily ‘go with’. Interesting to study what people wear all around the world depending on the climate they must live in.


      1. Jeannie Wiinters

        Hello, I stumbled upon this blog when searching for artisan hair sticks or combs to hold hair up in a bun style without a bunch of pins.
        I really like the style and look of the tichels. However, I don’t consider myself to be a Christian nor am I Jewish. My question is about the proper use or not to use the wrapping my hair in this manner. Would it be considered rude or in any way inappropriate to wear the wrapping? My hair is down to my hips, all one length and it gets in my way and caught on things. I am just interested in the wrapping to protect my hair while keeping it out of the way Please let me know as I wouldn’t want to offend if the covering of the hair is exclusive to practicing Christians or ladies of the Jewish faith.
        Thank you so much for the tutorials.


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