Atalanta’s Inspiring Story!

The Wrapunzelution has the power to change lives and nothing warms our hearts more than hearing about this process first hand, from the women positively affected by our message to “Inspire Happiness”. This movement brings together a diverse group of women from all over the globe and many have truly incredible stories to share! Meet Atalanta- Wrapunzelista and blogger, who’s life has truly been impacted by wearing tichels. She recently shared this incredibly inspiring post from her blog with us and we just HAD to share it with you all!


“This is what I wore today.

I’ve been extremely reclusive for the past few years, but last year it got a lot worse. A bout with severe anemia had me feeling too sick and weak to leave the house, which reinforced my agoraphobia. From late spring of 2015 to late November 2015, I did not venture further than my mailbox. From November 2015 until today, I did not go out for more than a hurried visit to the convenience store.

In addition to weakness, fatigue, and severe anxiety, my hair (always fine and wispy) thinned to the point where my scalp was clearly visible. I’ve always had a lot of identity issues with my hair. As a child I had frequent struggles with my mother over being allowed to grow it long. As a teenager, an abusive boyfriend threatened to shave my head if I dyed my hair a color he didn’t like.

In early November 2015, I decided to start wearing a headcovering. While not observant, I am Jewish, so I went in search of tichel resources. I found Wrapunzel, a blog/community online store. A friend suggested I check out their tutorial videos. Many of them seemed impossibly complex, but I kept trying, and experimenting on my own. I bought scarves from Wrapunzel, eBay, and Amazon, and friends sent me some as gifts. I took awkward selfies with my phone and posted them, here on Tumblr and then on my Instagram as well.

I started building a collection of scarves, and slowly gained skill using them. My selfies got likes and compliments, first from friends, and then from strangers as well. I even had a couple of friends tell me I looked confident!

Well, I didn’t feel very confident in general, but I was developing confidence in my tichel-tying skills! The tutorials that baffled me at first became easier to understand. I gained a little familiarity with some of the techniques, and kept trying more. For May, Wrapunzel posted a challenge to try a different style for every day.and I decided giving it a shot. Not all the styles would work on me (many of them really need a volumizer and I don’t have one, at least, not yet – not only are they a little pricy, but since my hair’s always been pretty scanty, a look with a lot of volume just wouldn’t seem like me, and identity is a big issue!), but I’ve been giving each one a try, and gaining a little skill with styles I hadn’t tried before.

I skipped ahead this morning to practice tomorrow’s style, The Gigi Knot. I’d experimented with it before, but never really been satistfied with the results. This time I tried it with one of my favorite scarves from Wrapunzel, The Duchess, and one of the lovely scarves I got as a gift from @thestarstone. I really liked how it turned out.

I mean, really liked it. I didn’t want to waste this gorgeous tichel on just sitting home with my cats.

This morning, I went out to a nearby restaurant for breakfast. I ate from a plate, sitting at a table, not from a delivery container sitting cross-legged on my bed. A polite and pleasant waitress brought me coffee, took my order, checked to see if my food was ok. As I ate, I could hear snippets of other diner’s conversations. When I paid for my meal, the waitress thanked me for coming.

Simple, everyday things, that I hadn’t experienced all year. Because I wanted to take that nice tichel out into the world, even if I had to go with it.”

Sensational Sashes & Our Brand New 31 Day Challenge!


Hi, ladies! It’s time for another Wrapunzel Challenge wrap-up post and we’re SO excited to share these amazing creations with you! We’re also pleased to be announcing a VERY special 31-day Wrapunzel Challenge, so be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post, after you’ve perused this week’s gallery. It’s one that wrappers can participate in during any month of the year!!!

Our most recent theme was wrapping with sashes and it’s been incredible to see all of these diverse looks on social media and elsewhere. Thank you all SO much for your participation!!!

What is a sash exactly?  Well, they’re what we call scarves that don’t cover your head completely. They might be too narrow or perhaps are a scarf folded lengthwise (to be worn as an accessory over another scarf). Either way, there is a seemingly endless amount of ways to wear them and if you’re looking for inspiration for how to wear your sashes as a head scarf, this post is not to be missed!


Well, if you’ve made it this far, you surely must be wondering what we have in store for our next challenge… After all, 31 days is a long time! We’ll be back in June with our regular bi-weekly challenges, but in the mean time, we’re gearing up to have a month of fun! Inspired by two members from our Facebook fangroup (Thanks Willow and Justine!!!), we’ve decided to make an EPIC challenge for the entire month of May.

It’s simple, really! To participate, each day a wrapper wears a totally different style wrap than the day before, with the challenge lending itself to experimentation and fun! Tichel newbies can enjoy the practice and learn fundamental techniques, while more experienced wrappers might discover a new favorite style or step out of their comfort zone a little. You can participate as little or as much as you’d like!

Links to tutorials can be found at the bottom of this post.


For day one (today- May 1st), we’ve decided to start with a war,-up day! Easy peasey, right? Some of these styles can be quite challenging, but remember- it’s all about having fun!

As with all of our Wrapunzel Challenges, you can share your photos on social media and use the hashtag #wrapunzel31daychallenge. We will not be compiling a collage at the end of the month, but are truly looking forward to following along and seeing what you all create!!! 

  1. Warm-Up Day!
  2. Regal Wrap
  3. Rachel’s Turban Tutorial
  4. Double Braid
  5. Shira Tails
  6. Zig Zag/Criss Cross
  7. Double Knot Turban
  8. The Gigi Knot
  9. Beginner’s Luck
  10. The Liezl
  11. Yael Twist
  12. Mirjam’s Veil
  13. Waterfall Twist
  14. Turban-Style Regal Wrap
  15. Artsy Side Swoop
  16. The Kallah’s Trick
  17. Layered Waterfall Twist
  18. One-Scarf Zig Zag
  19. Girl With the Pearl Earring
  20. Yael’s 1920 Turban
  21. Naomi Knot
  22. Duchess Wrap
  23. Ultimate Turban
  24. “Triple C”
  25. Layered Shira Tails
  26. Zahava’s Chignon
  27. Triple Waterfall Twist
  28. 2-scarf Yael /2-scarf Yael with a Tail
  29. Half Zig-Zag
  30. It’s KNOT Hard Wrap
  31. The “Laila”