Wrapsody in Blue!

Hi everybody!

This week’s Color-of-the-Week on the Wrapunzel Fangroup was blue! We loved all the submissions we got on the Fangroup and via email – #wrapunzeledinblue looks great on everyone! Here’s our weekly round-up – ENJOY!!!


Don’t forget to check back on Sunday for our next weekly color!! Submit your photos over on the Fangroup or by emailing them to us at wrapunzelthestore@gmail.com, with “Color of the Week” as the subject. Yay!!!

Some Fun Fall Outfits!

Remember back in the day when I used to post my wrap/outfit more often?  I need to start doing that again!  Here are some outfits that I’ve worn over the last week!  My camera has been in for repair, so apologies for the sub standard photos!  All of these outfits have hints of black in them (yes I’m searching for a theme) 🙂

This is a jacket that I’ve had since I was 16… and I just found it at my in-law’s during our trip to Israel!  SO happy to be wearing it again!

And a pretty grey dress, white jean jacket with a tichel to match!

And here is my fave… I really enjoyed the jean jacket with the lace top! I’m off to teach some littlies in this photo. I LOVED this tichel!  It felt so ‘me’!!

Hope you enjoy!

Love, Andrea

This week’s color… #Wrapunzeledinblue!

Hi everybody! We’re picking things up again with a new color this week! This week we’re trying out wraps in blue, with the hashtag #Wrapunzeledinblue. Here’s a little blue inspiration to get you started!


Remember, if you want to join in, come on over to the Fangroup or submit your pictures by email to wrapunzelthestore@gmail.com, with the subject line “Color of the Week.” We’ll post a round-up of submitted pictures on Friday! Woo hoo!!

Our FIRST Wrapunzel Consultant, Shira!

We all love watching and learning from Wrapunzel’s tutorials online, but one of our most asked questions is: “Can I please come learn from you in person??”

Shira Wrapunzel
Hello Shira!

At Wrapunzel, it is our job to listen to you!  Meet Shira, here in Baltimore to help kallahs, beginners, and those that need some brushing up on their wrapping skills.  She is a trouble shooter extraordinaire and you will leave your session with confidence knowing that you (yes, you!) can do this!

Here I am interviewing her so you can get to know her!

And here is the info you want!  Soon this will go up on the official Wrapunzel website but we want to let you all know about this first!  To book your appointment to go learn from Shira or for more information, email her at shira@wrapunzel.com

Tutorial Sessions:
Having trouble getting started? Do you love watching our tutorial videos but then struggle to replicate them? Or do you know someone who is about to get married and can’t stop talking about how much she want to wear tichels? Wrapping does not come easy- it takes a lot of practice and patience to master that style you’ve been trying over and over again. That’s where we come in! The Wrapunzel team is here to support you through your wrapping journey. We’re here to help you learn the how-to’s of wrapping, from wearing a no-slip headband and volumizer, to the more intricate techniques, like regal wraps and multi-layered up-dos.

Wrapunzel Consultant Shira Gewirtz tailors these one-on-one sessions for each customer so you get exactly what you need. She will help you learn how to wrap successfully and feel great about this incredible mitzvah.

30-minute Sessions: $25.00
You’ll learn the how-to’s of: No slip headband, Volumizer, Picking the right scarf, Base scarf, Layering, Sashes, Headbands
Your choice of 3 wrapping techniques

One-Hour Sessions / Kallah Sessions: $50.00
You’ll learn the how-to’s of: No slip headband, Volumizer, Picking the right scarf, Base scarf, Layering, Sashes, Headbands
Your choice of 3 wrapping techniques

Beginner’s Bundle: $100.00
One-Hour Session
No-Slip Headband
Two 2-in-1 scarves (or scarves equal value)

Our first Color-of-the-Week Round-Up!!

This week on the Wrapunzel Fangroup, we kicked off our color-of-the-week idea: each week, we’d choose a color, publicize it on the Fangroup and right here on the blog, and ladies could share their wraps featuring that color via the Fangroup or by emailing them to us.

Of course we couldn’t just pick ONE color for the first-ever color of the week, so we picked ALL of them! Here are some of our amazing wrap stars, #Wrapunzeledinallthecolors. We love the bright patterns, rainbows, layers and sari scarves that everyone used to celebrate this week of multicolored awesomeness.

We’ll be back on Sunday with a new color for next week! If you want to join in, come on over to the Fangroup, or share your pics with us by emailing them to wrapunzelthestore@gmail.com with “Color of the Week” as the subject line. Without further ado, enjoy this week’s round-up!


Nu Andrea, Whatcha Doing?

Hi Everyone!  Andrea here!

Chamber Encounters

So besides doing awesome stuff here at Wrapunzel, most of you are aware that I’m also a professional cellist.  I often recieve messages from you Wrapunzel ladies asking when/where I’m going to be performing and I’m what up to in terms of music, so I’m really excited to share here something we’ve been working on for a while now that has finally come to fruition!

My husband and I are often asked, “Why would you young people, with so much to give, devote your lives to a dying art?”  And our answer is simple, “Who says it’s dying?”  We believe that music is the universal language, the vessel that connects this world to the world above.  It opens up places within us that words (and even scarves!) fail to penetrate.  What is ‘dying’ is the elitist presentation of classical music; our audiences are desperate to connect, and we, the musicians, have a responsibility to take you through an expedition that transcends the physical and penetrates the soul.  Simply hitting the right notes (no matter how impressive) and playing expressively isn’t enough anymore.  In short, it is our dream that our audiences experience the same joy and elevation that we as professional musicians feel when we play and listen.   My husband especially has a rare gift of being able to speak words that allow audience members to go on a guided journey, instead of feeling like they’re on their own in the murkiness.

Chamber Encounters

We started this concert series called Chamber Encounters.  The main musicians in it are myself, my husband, and violist, Sarah Lowenstein.  We are bringing in guest artists from all over the world to join us and are engaging with our audience in a way that breaks down the museum glass wall that so many concerts seem to have.  Music becomes alive, and performances are a once in a lifetime experience between us, the musicians, and the audience.

Anyway, I digress.  I could talk about this stuff for ages!

Chamber Encounters

We had an amazing photoshoot for our group, and our first concert is going to be on November 24th, presented by the Gordon Center here in Maryland.  We are playing INCREDIBLE music!  Two of these pieces are on my bucket list to play in this lifetime.  I have no words.  Barber Adagio for Strings.  The Borodin.

Let me know if you want to hear more about this!  (And here are some more photos!)

A Little Ruffle, a Little Lace, and ALL Shabbat Shalom!

This is the outfit that I wore for Shabbat.  It was one of the most profound, joyous Shabbats that I’ve had in a long time, thank Gd.

My tichel was using a gold creme shimmery, an old piece of lace that I love, a cream ruffled waves sash, and a new pin that we’re hoping to bring to the store soon.  All of these are sold out currently, but we are working on getting more 🙂  I loved using my ruffled waves sash like this!

On the next day I wore the same outfit and tichel, except I did not use the pin and did a subtler tie.


Wishing you all clarity, peace, and love.

xx Andrea