First Date with my Husband!

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, and Naomi Rose generously offered to be with Shalomy so we could go out for dinner together.  Wow… I can’t remember the last time we were on a date on our own – certainly not since he was born, but probably for quite a bit before that as well!  (We’ve only been out with him, sleeping or otherwise.)  We used to be quite decent at carving out time to invest in our marriage, but actually leaving Shalomy behind and GOING somewhere just the two of us?!  Needless to say, I was super excited and also nervous.

Eeeee so excited to go on our 'first' date since becoming parents!
Eeeee so excited to go on our ‘first’ date since becoming parents!

The date was wonderful, in case you were wondering, and I got to dress up!  I have had to dress up for various occasions since giving birth – for simchas, photographs, Wrapunzel shows, concerts, etc. – but getting dressed solely to look beautiful for my husband?  It felt like a new world to me.  Picking clothing that I know he loves on me, and putting on makeup that he likes (aka very little) just felt fresh.  Basically what I’m trying to say to all of you that may have let this part of your life slide to the back burner: PLEASE DO IT.  It will revitalize you in all areas because if your shalom bayit (harmony in the home) is shining and growing, so will the rest of your life 🙂

It was also super important for me to redefine myself – as more than a mother,  hostess,  Wrapunzeler, family member, musician and all the other ‘hats’ that I wear.  These things are super important, but I needed to remember that the greatest gift I’ve ever been given is being my husband’s soulmate.  I now feel more whole and am so grateful we were able to do this.  (Thank you Naomi Rose!)

Anyway, here is what I wore!

May you all be blessed with love and renewal.  Kol tuv!
Love, Andrea

12 thoughts on “First Date with my Husband!

  1. You look beautiful! So glad you were able to invest some time into your marriage since having Shalomy. Never, ever let that slide. You were sweethearts before there was a baby blessing. And when babies are grown and gone, you will still be sweethearts! My words of 34 years of married life and 9 children. I love it!


  2. Diane Drexler-Little

    Wish your husband a happy birthday! It’s very important to make time for yourselves and have regular date. Thanks to Naomi Rose for being such a wonderful babysitter for you.



  3. Here’s to a long lifetime of balancing being an individual, being part of a couple, and being part of a family! When I have a date night with my husband, we always seem to spend part of it beaming over the best thing our relationship has produced: our child, who is now 16yo. We’ve found that becoming parents together is one of the most beautiful parts of being a couple! Enjoy!


  4. We haven’t been on a date yet, and Chevki is older than your Shalom. We find our time- just not in date-sized (or oriented) chunks. But then, we weren’t “Going Out” people before the baby (or before we were married, even) anyway… Still- good for you!

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  5. Happy Birthday to “Mr.” You look beautiful, as usual. Our date nights are few and far between for the past year, what with cancer , triple bypass and now a total knee replacement, to be followed by another total knee replacement. (Glad I only had the cancer, which is gone now) 🙂 Anyway we do get out when we can, but we also have a 44 year old son that lives with us, so it is sometimes difficult. ( he is mentally about 8 years old). Have a great day everyone, count your blessings and not the other stuff!

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  6. Kimberly

    You look so lovely and joyful! Blessings to you both and many years of joy and praise together. You are wise to invest time into your relationship, just the two of you.


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