The Art of a Compliment


We all know that wearing a tichel can attract a lot of attention. It may be modest, but it is different, and we often find that people show an interest in our behavior or values just based on the way we dress! So with all of that focus on us, what are some ways we can display our values positively?

Let’s start with words. We know not to gossip or slander, but what about positive speech?

Check out this amazing and inspiring conversation we had about the art of the compliment!

Naomi Rose: When Giving Up is a Good Thing

When I got engaged, Wrapunzel was just a little (although fabulous) blog. There was no store yet, but my relationship with Andrea led me to a lot of exposure to great wrapping technique. I loved the scarves she wore, and I watched her videos in the days leading up to my wedding. After my marriage, and especially as Wrapunzel grew, I explored almost every type of wrap I was exposed to. I collected scarves in every color, pattern and texture under the sun. I tried every tutorial and video. And I got good, really good, at wrapping.


practicing wrapping in the pre-wedding days


Eventually, though, I realized that ‘having it all’ wasn’t what it was cracked up to be. More and more, I would have the disappointing experience of finding a scarf that I LOVED in the store, or in the photo on a model… but once I had it, it just didn’t work on me. Or I would find this amazing style that a fan had made a tutorial for. It looked absolutely royal on her, so how come it just looked awkward when I tried it? Even more confusingly, by this point, I knew it wasn’t due to bad technique. I was doing everything right, so why did it feel wrong?

On the flip side, I had discovered several colors, scarves, and wrapping techniques that were absolutely 100% dependable. When I wore these, I felt like “me.” They were easy, comfortable, elegant and happy. On the days when I tried those tutorials and scarves that just frustrated me, I would end up after hours of trying going back to these, that I came to think of as my ‘classics.’


one of the first true personal ‘classics’ I found – a layered Shira Tails wrap. I LOVED wearing this!


I recently started reading a book called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” by Marie Kondo, with my husband. It’s about getting your house into order. The author’s central idea is that we create the best environment for ourselves when we select only the belongings that bring us joy, and release ourselves of the obligation and responsibility to keep everything else. It’s a brave and difficult thing to do (especially with the amount of purposeless clutter most of us accumulate), but this little idea has been creeping its way into other parts of my life and even into my tichel wardrobe.


My closet. And actually, there’s a third railing since this photo was taken. Option overload!!!


When I come across something new, I am still going to try it. A tutorial, or scarf that I think I might like – it’s worth a try, and I don’t want to miss what might become a new ‘classic’! But if I try it and it doesn’t work, I’m going to decide that it’s a great wrap, but just not for me. And that’s actually something to celebrate: I learned a lesson about what works and what doesn’t! A valuable piece of information!

It’s not a bad thing that not everything is my style. In fact, I would much rather be surrounded by a smaller amount of scarves, all of which I love. I don’t need to own every scarf type, wear every color, or do every wrapping style. I am releasing myself of the obligation to have it all, and to keep trying wrap styles that don’t make me feel good. I’m giving all those unused scarves to other homes, where they will be loved and appreciated. I am giving up, and it feels so good! Will you join me in giving up what’s holding you back?

Naomi Rose

“Wrapunzel Under Wraps” – Everything You Want to Know About Tichel Shapers & No-Slip Headband!

So after the insanely viral response to this photo we posted yesterday…

shapercomparison wrapunzel

… we decided to take it a step further and make a super detailed informational video all about how to wear the no-slip headband, oomphtastic scrunchy, and the three wrapunzel tichel shapers!  We enlisted in the help of 16 year old Elisheva, and since she doesn’t (yet) cover her hair, this allowed us to show you how to wear ’em from step A – aka morning bedhead!  In this tutorial, we show the difference that a high/low bun of hair makes, shaper placement techniques, and different ways to tie the scarf to “shape the shaper”.  We hope that this gives you the tools and freedom to experiment and really find the perfect shaper technique for you!  Enjoy!

First Date with my Husband!

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, and Naomi Rose generously offered to be with Shalomy so we could go out for dinner together.  Wow… I can’t remember the last time we were on a date on our own – certainly not since he was born, but probably for quite a bit before that as well!  (We’ve only been out with him, sleeping or otherwise.)  We used to be quite decent at carving out time to invest in our marriage, but actually leaving Shalomy behind and GOING somewhere just the two of us?!  Needless to say, I was super excited and also nervous.

Eeeee so excited to go on our 'first' date since becoming parents!
Eeeee so excited to go on our ‘first’ date since becoming parents!

The date was wonderful, in case you were wondering, and I got to dress up!  I have had to dress up for various occasions since giving birth – for simchas, photographs, Wrapunzel shows, concerts, etc. – but getting dressed solely to look beautiful for my husband?  It felt like a new world to me.  Picking clothing that I know he loves on me, and putting on makeup that he likes (aka very little) just felt fresh.  Basically what I’m trying to say to all of you that may have let this part of your life slide to the back burner: PLEASE DO IT.  It will revitalize you in all areas because if your shalom bayit (harmony in the home) is shining and growing, so will the rest of your life 🙂

It was also super important for me to redefine myself – as more than a mother,  hostess,  Wrapunzeler, family member, musician and all the other ‘hats’ that I wear.  These things are super important, but I needed to remember that the greatest gift I’ve ever been given is being my husband’s soulmate.  I now feel more whole and am so grateful we were able to do this.  (Thank you Naomi Rose!)

Anyway, here is what I wore!

May you all be blessed with love and renewal.  Kol tuv!
Love, Andrea

Naomi Rose: Easy 2-Scarf Regal Wrap!

Hi everybody!

At Wrapunzel we try very hard to make detailed tutorials for beginners, as well as complicated, fancy videos for more advanced wrappers. But in my daily wraps I often find myself occupying a middle space – I usually do something a bit more involved than a Regal Wrap or the Easiest Long Scarf Wrap, but definitely not anything very time-consuming or formal. So for anyone else that would like to go beyond one scarf but not spend too much time in front of the mirror, here’s one of my most favorite daily styles – the 2-Scarf Regal Wrap!

Photo on 8-25-15 at 4.53 PM #2

And here’s how to do it:

Do you also find yourself gravitating toward middle-difficulty wraps? Do you have a favorite? Share it with us!!


Naomi Rose

An Ode to the Tichel Tantrum

Wrapunzel Tichel Tantrum

It’s 9am and you have less than five minutes to get out the door before you’ll be late for work. You’ve already tried four different wraps. One made you look tired, the other clashed with your shirt, the third scarf was perfect but every time you wrapped it, it slipped, and the fourth stayed put but looked too casual for that meeting you have coming up today. Your arms and wrists are cramping from holding them up above your head so long. You feel like screaming and throwing every scarf you own out the window.  Your husband comes in and asks innocently if you’re ready and you contemplate throwing the scarves at him instead of out the window.

If this has been you… you’re not alone. We’ve ALL been there. Regardless of whether we’re beginners or experienced wrappers with decades of practice, we can’t avoid the occasional TICHEL TANTRUM.

This gorgeous and oh-so-appropriate term was coined by Heather, one of the original members of our Wrapunzel Fangroup, and it enjoys frequent use to this day. One memorable day, a Fangroup member wondered whether women who cover their hair with something other than a tichel suffer the same kind of tribulations. What would we call it if a Muslim woman struggled with her hijab, or an Israeli with her mitpachat*?

What followed was an amazing outpouring of hilarious terminology, all generated by the sparkling minds of Wrapunzelers on the Fangroup. We want everyone to be able to enjoy them, so without further ado…

If it’s not QUITE a tichel tantrum you’re having, it might be:

-a hijab hissyfit
-a scarf snit
-pashmina problems
-veil vapors
-turban turbulence
-covering conundrums
-a scarf snafu
-a hijab hoopla
-a sinar scene**
-a pashmina predicament
-turban turmoil
-a scarf scene

This terrible experience might inspire some emotions and reactions, possibly including:

-feeling scarf scared
-or scarf scarred!
-wrap rage
-a wrap rant

If it’s REALLY bad, it might result in:

-turbo turban torture!
-scarf barf

Wrapunzel Tichel Tantrum
Tichel Tantrum Torture!

You might need:

-a bad mood snood
-some turban bourbon

BUT! Don’t worry! You will survive this, and overcome! And in time, you will come to be:

-a wrap wrangler
-a mitpachat maestro
-a hijab heroine
-a wrap whisperer
-a tichel tamer!

And you will experience:

-mitpachat nachat.***
-a tichel triumph!!

We’re loving it! Hopefully this list will convince you that no-one escapes this universal hair-covering experience… we’re tempted to tape it up in the bathroom for some perspective. Can you relate? Share your experiences (or your favorite words for tichel disasters) in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

Love, Naomi Rose
PS – Now will someone PLEASE show me how to tie this turban?!

*mitpachat is the Hebrew word for head-covering, used mostly in Israel
**a sinar is an apron-shaped Israeli scarf, designed for head-wrapping
***Nachat, or its Ashkenaz variation, nachas, is a word denoting pride/gratification coming from an achievement.