“Beginner’s Luck!” The Easiest Wrapunzel Wrap Tutorial!

Beginner's Luck Easiest Wrap Wrapunzel Tichel Beginner's Luck Easiest Wrap Wrapunzel Tichel

Hey!  So I felt the need to remake my “Easiest Wrap” tutorial with a little detail about tying and just to show how simple this really is!  Enjoy!  This is for those of you that have bigger heads, and those that don’t want to try the shaper, and novices that need a little reminder of how beautiful simplicity is etc. etc. – Have fun with this one!!

Silky Leopard Wow!

So I decided to not only do a single scarf, but a super simple tie!!  Yes, I did some fun pleating at the front, but totally not necessary.  Just tied this one at the back, with both ends hanging slightly unevenly.  I made sure that when making the knot, that the short end came out on top, then adjusted the knot so to top one kind of fanned over the bottom one.  Does that make any sense??  Either way it’s beautiful and I feel great!

SIlky Leopard Wrapunzel

I also just found out that apparently camera lenses are like glasses, and it’s so humid outside that my lens is fogging up!  Woa!  So that’s the reason for all the glow-y photos lately!

SIlky Leopard Wrapunzel
Nice outfit for this muggy weather!

With a simple scarf like this,  (and yes, I know I’m wearing animal print – totally out of my comfort zone but I make an exception for this tichel!) I was ready to go so fast this morning that I actually had time to put on makeup!  Yay!

Love, Andrea

You CAN wear a pashmina in the heat!

There’s nothing like a classic!  Today I’m wearing my favourite pashmina – Rivka Malka’s Teal, in a Regal Wrap with the Sunblossom pin.  I pulled my ears out so I’m extra cool!  Since everything is up and out of the way, I’m not shmoiling!

This is perfect for the #onescarfchallenge… and yeah, something was up with my camera lens this morning, so I’m glowing!

LOVING getting back to the basics!  Super duper fun!!

Giving Berachot and Why We Are Worthy!! Aka “How Was Your Birthday?”

Soooooo this really isn’t Wrapunzel related, but because of my previous video, lots of Wrapunzel ladies have been writing asking how was my Shabbat Tisha B’Av birthday, so I made a video talking a little bit about what happened, and about giving berachot.  For those that don’t know, berachot = blessings, and often people may ask themselves, “Who am I to be giving blessings?”  Here’s my answer and lots more.

#onescarfchallenge Day One!

The #onescarfchallenge is taking the wrapping world by storm!  I have no words to adequately thank Miri for getting it started – you are amazing!  We’re getting Wrapunzel back to its true roots: which is joy joy joy!  Here’s what I’m wearing on my head today 🙂

#onescarfchallenge Wrapunzel
As usual, colors that I would never put together are now happily getting to know each other thanks to the scarf on my head!
#onescarfchallenge Wrapunzel

Check out the backstory of the #onescarfchallenge and join!  Today I’m wearing my grey Cherry Blossom with a dark red Headband Secret.

All my love to you beautiful women!