Rivka Writes!

We all have ladies in our lives that we admire – who have such bright, positive, determined attitudes, and inspire us to be better versions of ourselves! Rivka is one of these ladies. A veteran Wrapunzelista, this Lady Wrap Star has helped so many women to feel and look beautiful. She has helped at our shows, made tutorials, and is an active poster on the Fangroup, where her gentle smile is completely contagious!! She sent us this beautiful essay on how wrapping has impacted her spiritual life and actions. Enjoy!!!


I love my tichels! I love playing around with all the different styles, colors and textures. It is an amazing creative outlet for me. On a day to day basis, I don’t have too many opportunities to play around, have fun and express myself. My office job doesn’t involve much creativity for me. Maybe if I wasn’t on such a tight schedule, the kitchen would be my creative outlet. But anyway, “would’ve, should’ve, could’ve” will never get you anywhere. The gift Hashem gave me now is the ability and resources to be creative with the mitzva of covering my hair. But more then that, what I love more is how differently carrying out this mitzva in a tichel versus a sheitel (wig) makes me feel.

When I wear my tichels, I feel like Hashem is wrapping me and embracing me. He is telling me He is right there with me, holding my hand. Providing me with strength to do what is right, and giving me the direct telephone line to speak with Him.

I know that my hair was covered when I wore my sheitels too. It’s not as if I have taken on a completely new thing. I have just been continuing to do what I’ve always done since I wed. So why, then, this change? Why does wrapping my hair with tichels give me all these added bonuses?

(click the pictures to view them in a larger size!)

I think it is this: Since wrapping my hair, I am much more conscious of what I am doing. I don’t just throw on a sheitel. First, I put on a no-slip band, checking  – is all my hair secure? Am I tznius (modest, inward-focused)? This is “Step 1” – I need to be conscious that I am doing this for other reasons than just looking pretty. Then I add my tichel shaper, Step 2. Finally I wrap around my crown, my symbol, saying “Yes, I am royalty. I am the daughter of the King of all kings.” I add on my jeweled accessories and finishing touches making sure I am presentable enough to represent my Father the King.

Throughout the day I feel my crown laying on my head and I remember; Hashem is with me, I am representing Him with my crown. Representing Him causes me to be extremely aware of how I must conduct myself and strengthens me to do what is right. Furthermore it is known the more you give the more you love. The Hebrew word for love, ‘ahavah,’ comes from the word ‘hav,’ to give. The effort I give to this mitzva increases my love for Hashem and others. The more effort I put into my tichel wrapping, the more I love Hashem, the more I feel so close, the more I call out to Him from my heart to hold my hand and carry me through my struggles.

10 thoughts on “Rivka Writes!

  1. Thank you for the inspiring post, Rivka! Like you, when I wear my tichels, I feel a greater presence of my Father in heaven, and His Holy Spirit. I feel embraced, overshadowed, and filled with His love and His spirit. There is somehow a greater connection.

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  2. So true, this expresses how I feel about covering my hair better than I could say it.

    I was wondering if one of the lovely Wrapunzel ladies could do a post on what colors go well with different skin tones. I have light skin with dark brown hair and green eyes. I have rosy cheeks and freckles but sort of blue-ish undertones around my eyes and nose. I wore 2 scarves the other day bright red with a light pink one underneath, then I wrapped the tails together and wrapped them around my bun bump. It looked awful! It made me look like I was sunburnt! I know I look good in jewel tones (teal, plum, cranberry, navy blue), but I’d like to incorporate other colors I like, like mint, coral, peach, pink, and yellow. But I want it to flatter, not make me look sickly, sunburned, or washed-out. Any ideas?


    • I would suggest you wear more white, green… I have almost the same skin colour as you’ve described yours, and I find that pink doesn’t suit me at all.
      You mentioned mint, which should do you justice. Maybe use some black with green sashes or shimmers?
      Yellow is very tricky though, I don’t know who can handle that. Maybe Andrea or Rivka Malka could advise how to incorporate yellow with other colours.

      Happy wrapping 🙂


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