Wedding Wow!

MAZAL TOV MY BROTHER GOT MARRIED YESTERDAY!!  (Well, two days ago if you don’t go by the Jewish definition of day which starts at sundown.)

Yes, his wife is already lined up to be a Lady Wrap Star!

Here are some unofficial photos what I wore!  Aqua is the bride’s favourite colour 🙂

Classic Layered Ponytail Tutorial!

Can anyone come up with a better name for this wrap??  I’m not a fan of the one I came up with above…

Here is the tutorial that you have all been waiting for!  This particular wrap is a match makers dream!  I know it’s sometimes hard to match tichels… but keep trying and don’t be afraid to incorporate something new into your wrap!

Fall Colours ~

Baltimore’s fall colours are UNREAL today!   Seriously, I had to stop while walking because I was in shock – the sky, the clouds, the trees, the leaves… WOW!

So obviously the weather outside subliminally inspired my tichel choice!  This wrap was done using two long scarves of the same length, braiding the ends into a 4-strand plait.


Have external elements ever influenced your tichel choices in a very obvious way?  Tell us about it!IMG_4930

Two Outfit Ideas for You!

Hello lovely ladies!  Here are two similar outfits that I have worn that I thought you’d like!  It’s wonderful how wearing a scarf with multiple colours allows you to incorporate those colours into your outfit, and instead of clashing, they now match!

What do you think?  How has covering your hair inspired what you wear?
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

What do you think?  How has covering your hair inspired what you wear?