Colour Celebration! (and Giveaway!)

[Giveaway is now closed!]

I am so happy to announce that our facebook page has reached well over 1,000 “likes”!


To celebrate, we are going to do a giveaway!  Two winners will be picked on August 1st!

What will I be giving away?  Get excited…

I will be mailing the  winners a velvet headband (my personal tichel secret!) as well as a handpicked scarf just for her!  How will this Wrapunzel Wrap Kit be selected?  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment at the bottom of this post telling us:

1) What is your favourite colour and why?
2) How would you describe your personal style and how does hair covering fit into this?

That’s it!  One winner will be chosen at random on August 1st, as well as another winner whose entry is a personal favourite, and then I will go on a shopping trip for them and send a velvet headband and handpicked tichel through the mail!

Kol tuv (all the best), looking forward to reading your entries, and may we celebrate many more milestones together!
Love, Andrea

[FYI – please be sure to comment/enter only ONCE.  When you submit your entry, it has to go through me for approval and I am usually not at my computer so it may be a while before your comment appears.]

129 thoughts on “Colour Celebration! (and Giveaway!)

  1. Lynette

    Favorite color is what I call Israeli blue as it is vibrant and elegant with black. My style? I like dressy and elegant. Thanks and congrats!


  2. Oh, wow! What a blessing, Andrea! Thank you! 🙂

    Okay, so for my favorite color: Blue.
    Why? It is a gorgeous color: the sky is blue, water is blue, my eyes are blue. 😉 I have noticed that it compliments my complexion the most, and I receive the most compliments when I wear blue (or purple).
    My personal style is: Eclectic! When I first started covering, I found your site, as well as others that promoted this particular style of covering. I was enamored by the beauty in covering; especially since it was frowned upon by many of the people I knew. This style can be used with whatever outfit I wear. I am thankful that I can give the Lord glory by covering, and still be a gem for my husband. I needn’t be frumpy to be modest!


  3. Aimee

    my favorite color is purpleish blue. It’s such a serene and calming color and in the right shade it really brings out my eyes. Green also comes a close second because it reminds me of the forests I grew up near.

    My personal style is definitely more Bohemian. I love it when I can find scarves that have tassels all around because if I tie it right it almost looks like dreadlocks. I love mixing patterns to make a patchwork style though. I eventually want to sew my own patchwork tichel.


  4. Mellisa gross

    My favorite color is anything but red. For some reason I love all the colors except this one. I have no clue why. I like red cars, red everything, but not red clothes or accessories. I don’t get it, I’ve even tried liking red. It doesn’t work. My personal style can not be described, I’ve tried doing it and even having others do it but it doesn’t work. 😉 I like to be very expressive. It doesn’t have to match perfectly, or match the season or be popular, if I look at something and think to myself that it seems fun or that it will make me or others happy then I am all for it.


  5. Bia Klein

    What’s my favorite color? Probably a clear jewel purple with blue overtones. There’s just something about it that makes me feel good. It’s lively. Helps me feel lively too. I’m definitely more of a casual person and somewhat on the lazy side. I tend to prefer a good tichel to cover my hair. As a married religious woman I cover my hair as a sign of modesty that I am married.


  6. 1) My favorite color is purple. When I wear a purple scarf around my head I feel so beautiful and royal. Purple gives me a warm and rich feeling that no other color can match.

    2) I would have to say that my personal style is casual… with a bit of elegance thrown in. Hair covering fits this perfectly because it can be casual and elegant at the same time!



  7. 1) What is your favorite color and why? Plum, because it looks good with pale skin 🙂
    2) How would you describe your personal style and how does hair covering fit into this? Comfortable, I try to keep my hair coverings looking casually classy.


  8. Chumie

    My favorite color is any shade of blue. My personal style is eclectic and I like to keep things eclectic up top as well. The bigger the better. I’ve been known to sport 4 scarves simultaneously.


  9. Purple. It’s so royal, also mystical. My personal style these days is dictated by which scarf I want to wear (and what colors I have already worn to work this week!) To balance the scarf thing at work, I tend to be solid-colored in my dress (black skirt — if you keep changing your top, no one will notice you have been wearing the same black skirt or a variation on it for the past 10 years :-), and a solid t-shirt or blouse that matches the scarf. Add earrings and voila! Out the door.


  10. This is the best idea and best way to celebrate so many people loving your style and advice Andrea!

    To answer your questions –
    1) What is your favourite colour and why? My favourite colour would have to be… anything royal. Royal blue, purple, green, red. I love them all. (To be honest, you have this scarf, that I believe you said your mother-in-law gave you. Dark royal colors, blues, greens… I love it! I just LOVE it!)

    2) How would you describe your personal style and how does hair covering fit into this?
    Wow, that’s so hard.
    I have been so many “people” in my life, as my mother would say. I was Indian, Japanese, African-American, Hispanic, Goth, and I’m probably missing a few stages. I believe who I am now, and my personal style, really is the true me. But I have found that I have taken a little bit of everything I “was” and brought it into who I am now.

    Wrapping my hair allows me to take a simple outfit, and make it amazing.
    Wrapping my hair allows me to walk down the street and know women are staring at my tichel and admiring. (I know this because people have stopped me to comment)
    I know that I find inspiration from others around me – Jewish, Muslim, and Sikh.

    Covering my hair I believe says more than the skirt I’m wearing, or the shoes I’m wearing. I can literally do anything with my tichel – from very basic to very crazy – and now that it’s me (because I wouldn’t leave the house if it wasn’t).

    I became religious after seeing women covering their hair with tichels and expressing themselves in a way I never knew. I realized through that, there must be a place for me in religious Judaism.

    (And yes, I’m bearing my soul in hopes of winning!)


  11. Terrie Parkinson Willliams

    I love this :)… my favorite colors are browns and rusts and blacks.. my personal style is easy ,simple and earthy ….. 🙂


  12. Jana

    My favorite color is green. I love trees and plants. I live in a city covered in trees, and it doesn’t matter the season, there are always green trees somewhere. I just find them beautiful, especially just after the sun rises. There’s something quiet and calming about them. They always give me a spiritual boost.

    My personal style is very laid back, very simplified hippie/bohemian. I look and feel the best in more flowy clothing, but I like minimal layers. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, so I like to dress up my look with my tichels.


  13. Sharon Kiner

    My favorite color is turquoise, but much more if it is with more than one shade of blue . The soothing colors flow and remind me of water. Clothing styles that I like ‘flow’ on the wearer. If it is with a ruffle, it is subtle. I would love to see a tichel or scarf tied that has the shape of flowing medium lengh hair.


  14. Elyse Bychek

    Congratulations on over 1,000 likes!!
    Picking a favorite color is very hard for me. I love all colors, because all colors communicate a different feeling. However, the colors I am most fond of are generally in the red family, particularly dark reds like burgundy or maroon (though I am fond of pretty pinks also). Those colors feel very elegant, rich, and beautiful to me. And most notably, feminine.
    My personal style has varied as I’ve grown, but I have always enjoyed the exotic. So finding your site (youtube, blog, or otherwise), has been a great blessing for me. It allows me to mix in a unique style with something I’m passionate about, which is modesty. I veil frequently and in many different styles, but I enjoy the many styles you put up more than any others, because they’re so different and fun and beautiful.

    – Elyse


  15. Marcy

    My favorite color is teal. I like to look classic, but a little different. I have to say that I’m not as talented a “wrapper” as you are, but I try to look original!


  16. Rivky

    My favorite colors are orange and teal/turquoise. My style of dress has been described as hippie. I only cover with tichels and have done so for 9 3/4 of the ten years of my marriage. I love it. It makes me feel pretty and elegant and funky.


  17. Mirka K.

    1) What is your favourite colour and why?
    I like blues and purples with a hint of black. I have always loved Nordic summer nights by the lake when sun doesn’t set at all and night time is full of shades of blue and purple. I smile whenever I even think about those calm moments when I sit and watch how the light changes and I can hear sounds of the nature around me. So many hours have gone by just admiring this beautiful world and peace around me.

    2) How would you describe your personal style and how does hair covering fit into this?
    Umm…bohemian and hippie-ish but practical? I love long flowing skirts and dresses and cardigans and that is how I wear outside work and exercise. Hair covering is so natural part of my everyday life and style that I rarely think about it. My head covers adapt with the occasion almost by themselves. With skirts and dresses they are more playful and have more mass. And they tone down whenever it is needed (in the gym, at the work (as nurse/paramedic).


  18. Patti Mejia-Koual

    Fav colors are browns and teal. I love to cover my hair and look for new ways to wrap. Your site has been most helpful.


  19. Adina

    My favorite colors are purple and aqua/turquoise. I love these colors because they are bright and happy. As a Bat Melech I believe I should try to be a bright and happy person and make peoples days brighter and happier when I come in contact with them. I try to incorporate this in my style by wearing color:)


  20. My favorite colors are plum and brown (think “dark chocolate”). My style of dress? My oldest daughter says “crunchy hippie meets homeschool mom.” I will take that as a compliment. 🙂 Congrats on 1000 likes! I have learned so much from your tutorials!


    1. I should add, hair covering fits into “my style” because I respect my body, and dressing modestly is a way of expressing that respect for myself, my husband, my Creator. It is beautiful, and a way to express my individuality and creativity, but also an ever-present reminder that I am covered by the love of the Almighty, and to be in constant prayer (communication) with Him.


  21. Myriam Feinberg

    My favourite colour used to be black because it goes with everything! But since I started covering my hair, and most importantly since I married an architect, I realised black could be rather…..boring! My f’avourite colour changes with my mood, and so does my style in general: chic, relaxed, formal, etc. I have not one style, although my husband says I am conservative (because I still do wear some black). But my new favoutite colour is rasberry pink! For the colour, and also because of the name 🙂 It makes me happy and I love wearing beautiful pink scaves. What happened to boring Myriam!?! Well I guess my husband! And also Andrea for the inspiration!


  22. Rachel BL

    Super fun!
    1. My favorite color is purple- it’s bright, energetic and exciting, but it also pairs with almost anything! Blues, blacks, browns… purple is everyone’s friend.
    2. My style changes daily- and that’s the fun of hair covering! Whether I’m going for breezy and laid back, trendy, or dressy, my wraps adapt and compliment.


  23. Fave color is tough…purple or red or any really bright and vibrant color. This is probably because I am color blind and can’t see many pastels and neons.

    My personal style is changing right now. I want something regal but not pretentious. I’m trying to refine my neshama and tzinut. Haircovering is a way that I show my children that I am a Princess in the Royal Family of HaShem. It gives them pride in themselves and the Jewish Nation. So my style is just really about my children…and the future of Am Yisrael. I know. Heavy. Thank you.


  24. My favorite color is earth-tones. I love them because they go so well with my skin and fit most all the cloths I have.
    My style is very conservative, but fun. I love patterns. In the summer I am very much into the bright colors but winter I love browns and greens.
    Congratulation! You should know we all enjoy your post.


  25. Lauryn Berman

    I really like all shades of blue- it’s hard to say why, there’s just something about it, and I love getting blue tichels since it can work with so much of my wardrobe.

    I dress fairly simple. I don’t like wearing too much in the way of patterns, although every once in a while I surprise myself. I have a few pattern tichels and find that either solid colour ones or different shades of one colour work best for me instead because they go with more outfit combinations.


  26. Like others I would describe myself as a hippie/boho person. Even though 55 I love gypsy skirts with a plain v-neck or round-neck T-shirt. Sometimes I will use either medium or dangly type scarves or accent scarves that have the tassles on. However, these are sometimes quite tricky to look right. I love teal and other earthy colours as well as purple. What I think is particularly versatile about teal is that it not only looks good with many other solid colours, but goes great with different textures and colours of accent scarves. Both gold and silver look rich. Also blending in satin or lace gives a great look. Sometimes I will blend together the different shades of browns and creams for an effective look, but I just don’t think you can beat teal for a classic look that blended with the right colours and textures gives class and an unbeatable style.


  27. Chava

    My favorite color is burgundy. I love the deep, rich tone of it, and it compliments my coloring.
    My style changed so much since I became religious 5 years ago. I’ve always been modest, but it took on a new meaning. I have to wear uniform colors at work, but when I’m out of work, I’d say I’m a bit semi-dressy. I love long flowy skirts, and wrap dresses in particular. I love using tichels and love mixing colors in them. Thanks, Andrea, for all the tutorials that I’ve learned from!


  28. My favorite color is green. Green for me is a tranquil and peaceful color. I could use some shalom with nine children in the house :))) My personal style is simply feminine with a hippie twist. lol Hair covering fits that because covering your hair is a whole lot simpler than styling your hair and I get to wear things on my head that I would never necessarily wear on my body.


  29. Gwen

    I love earthy tones, also blues and greens because they really make my eyes pop! I would have to say my personal style is elegant casual. It is very hard not to feel elegant and queen like while wearing a tichel!


  30. Yehudis

    1.) What is your favourite colour and why?
    My favorite colors, for headcoverings at least, are brown, tan, and a deep yet pastel purple. I feel like they match a lot of my clothes and they contrast my skin well. I have hazel eyes, and I feel they complement them.

    2) How would you describe your personal style and how does hair covering fit into this?
    Low maintenance. I am very into comfort. I care about covering my hair. I want to look modest and also nice. I am not very good with my hands, so I don’t do the amazing wraps like you do–though I wish I could : )


  31. My favorite color has always been yellow. I rarely wear it but I enjoy seeing this color. It reminds me of my youth.

    My style has changed over the years. I was a free spirit and dressed the part. Today I am much more conservative yet elegant.


  32. Britney Williams

    My favorite color is blue because I love tranquility and yet I can be vibrant as well, just like the color blue!

    My style tends to be simple and kind of country, except when it comes to scarves! I really enjoy bright, bold scarves. I’m challenged at times to match them to my outfits, but I really enjoy exploring my more creative side.


  33. Megan K

    Thanks for this! 🙂 My favorite colors are anything with greyish/earthy tones — like dusty pinks, greens, browns, dusty blues. My personal style is probably flowy, earthy, and feminine. I wear flowy skirts and tops that are flattering but modest.


  34. My favorite color is green. Most shades of green look so fresh and natural and earthy OR bright. Green is grass and veggies and neon signs! My personal style is FUNKY! I like looking good, different and colorful! It suits my style that I cover my hair in fun scarves that usually complete or dress up my outfit because I enjoy when I am stopped and asked about the wraps on my head! I love explaining that I am a Jew and save my hair for my hubby!


  35. Tiona Reed

    Congratulations! I am genuinely excited for you. I follow you quite often and enjoy seeing your creativity.
    My favorite color is brown. Well really all shades of brown and gold. I think it works well with my skin tone. Although I am not afraid to wear bright colors that tend to compliment my style as well!
    My personal style tends to be very relaxed because I have four lovely children that makes it have to be that way! I try to wear whatever makes me feel good about myself. Too many times I have run into women who are just discouraged with wrapping their hair because they feel unattractive, and burdened. In an effort to be the light and example of what it should feel like to wrap your hair, I will wear rhinestone headbands and a beautiful bright green flower, and mix the colors of scarves up. It’s just a joy for me and I try to convey that to the people around me.


  36. Aviva

    My husband & I both love the color purple, so we chose it as our wedding color. Every time I see someone wearing that shade of plum, it brings a smile to my face and reminds me of one of the greatest days of my life.
    I spend my days hanging out with an active 2-year-old, so everything I wear is comfortable and machine washable.


  37. I love all colors, but my favorite is pink(s), all shades. It’s like pink lemonade to me, cool, refreshing. My go to color when I need to be uplifted!

    My personal style, I don’t think they have a name for it! Lol but I wear lots of skirts (jean/gypsy), mostly and layered(modesty) blouses/tops. I try to cover with fun! Using color and accessories, flowers pins and tiaras to make it more fun! While keeping the mitzvah true. I can’t wait til the 1st!!! Excited!!!!


  38. My favorite color is purple because I’m just drawn to it – but I love bright, bold colors, anything ombre, and metallics. My style is bright and bold and I’m really not interested in being judged by others – and that’s why I’m choosing to cover my hair.

    My hair is white – which I love. I decided to stop dyeing it some years ago, and I’m a bit younger than the average woman with white hair. But women particularly are judged by their hair – and white = old, particularly in the workplace. I decided that I want to keep my hair the way it is, and that’s nobody’s business but mine. Covering my hair with beautiful wraps (like yours, Andrea) is very empowering and is another way for me to express my creativity and love of color. And it leaves all those judgemental people with nothing to judge. And that is very much my personality as well.

    I haven’t been doing this very long, and I haven’t quite mastered the process yet, but I’ll get there.


  39. I love many shades of blues, purples, and browns.

    I’m a conservative dresser by nature, but when using tichels, it spices it up a bit. I like taking a minor accent from my daily attire and matching that up with the tichel, as I find that it’s easier to match that way since it’s never exactly the same. I do more simple ties, without too much volume as I am petite, but I do like the turban look.


  40. Mazal tov on 1000 likes!! yay!!! I always say “Wrapunzel” when asked “where did you learn that?”
    My favorite color is pink! It’s my go to color for quick uplift!!! Any color of it too!! Like pink lemonade on a warm day!

    My personal style I would say is confident yet casual. I love to wrap my hair either with one or several scarves, depending on time and occasion! I love sparkles, beads, feathers, etc. for accent. Plus some great earrings ! Thanks for this contest!!! Can’t wait till the 1st!


  41. Chaya

    Hi Andrea,

    Thank you for all of your amazing tips and videos. You’re getting me really excited to start covering my hair after my wedding in December, G-d willing.

    1. My favorite color is purple. It’s hard to explain why I love purple so much. It makes me think of the smell of the old lilac bush in our yard, Megilat Esther, and just feeling good. I own more purple nail polish than one person probably should.

    2. My personal style varies. I’m most comfortable in a long, drop-waisted black skirt and colorful tank top over a white shell, but I like patterned tailored dresses, especially on Shabbos. Neon sneakers are my go-to. Currently, hair covering fits into my style in that I have short hair, so I like to put it up in a bandana when I’m at home so that it’s off my neck and out of my face. I’m excited to start covering my hair in public, especially with colorful scarves, since color brightens my mood.

    Thanks, Andrea!


  42. Kai

    hmm… these are really tough questions, actually. i don’t think i have a favorite color. they’re all so essential to everything… can my favorite color be all of them?

    as for style, i guess i’d have to say colorful. anything that has fun colors and interesting shapes. i don’t like makeup, i let my clothes brighten my face. tichels help me with that quite a bit. they’re more a personality thing, though. they make me feel happy and pretty. there’s nothing quite like a tichel or two (or three. sometimes four…) to brighten up my day.


  43. Hannah

    My favourite color seems to depend on my mood. Is that cheating? This year my favourite color seems to be green, I am loving my green tichels! Maybe because it’s summer. I think purple might be close second…I think I am just drawn to clothes in purple…next thing I know, all I have is purple!

    My personal style…I guess would be simple. I shy away from patterns, but I am trying to be braver! So my outfits tend to me block colors, one color skirt and a plain top with a shell underneath.


  44. Brittany Kearns

    I love the color blue- it comes in lots of different shades and goes well with my skin tone. My favorite blue is the blue sky on a sunny day 🙂 my personal style is simple and modest. Hair covering is still new to me (3 months) so I’m still learning what I like and what looks nice on me. I like simple wraps in purple or blue but I love finding new ideas on your blog. Thank you!!


  45. Carie

    favorite colors…. red, blue mostly- but I love primary colors in general, bright and vibrant.
    As for my style, it’s actually mostly the opposite. I am so low maintenance and not a girly girl and don’t usually bother with accessories etc, not to mention not having time with a full time job and two small kids to bother with said accessories etc, so I end up wearing blah things and repeating them. I also given my limited fashion sense never know what goes with what and I have difficulty matching colors and patterns sometimes so I end up with a lot of solids or a patterned skirt with solid top kind of thing. My tichels or headbands usually end up being solids too and bland-ish ones at that. But I love tichles with texture and pattern and sparkle and I want to figure out how to match things better so I can let out my inner adventurer and be outwardly more bright and vibrant like my favorite colors.


  46. I tend to basic colors that blend with what I am wearing. I like black, white and navy for my tichels. I tend to keep things simple in all of my life, including how I cover my hair. Attractive (yes), interesting (maybe) but always easy.


  47. Elizabeth Dailey

    My favourite colour is yellow, especially deep rich yellows. My style is a few neutral basics (such as a brown plaid skirt and tan shirt) with one or two colourful accessories. I prefer simple and flowing lines. My headcoverings are often the most colourful and complicated part of my outfit.


  48. Ariella Sunshine

    My favorite colors are turquoise, purple and green. (In terms of mitpachot, the more colors the better!)
    I would describe my style as cool and funky. For me my mitpachot are fun accessories that adds to that overall look.


  49. Miranda Sullivan

    My favorite color is turquoise. I have blue to green eyes (depends on mood and weather) and I’m pretty fair skinned. I think it just works.
    I’m still trying to figure out my style. I’d like to say I’m classic, but my weight often dictates my choices more than fashion. I’ve only recently started covering (full covering in public for the first time tonight!). I hope I can develop into a good style. I’m also not Jewish. I am a Christian who feels that we were probably never intended to completely abandon our heritage.


  50. Deborah

    My favorite color has been purple since I was a child. I don’t know why: maybe because not many things either in nature or man made are purple? It is both a calming and exciting color to me. I am new to wrapping and find that I prefer a single, interesting scarf as I am too busy and simple to worry about my headcovering yet. For me, a wrap is a simple expression of modesty and my practical nature. I still am not “used to” wearing a scarf daily yet, but I”m working on it. 🙂


  51. Elisheva

    Hmmm – these are hard questions! 🙂 [One of] my favorite colors is teal – I chose to say that because I tend toward Jewel tones when choosing tichels and I keep finding myself in bluish-greenish combinations…
    And my personal style is currently – given my stay-at-home-mom role right now – comfy, casual but flattering…trying to not look like a slob 🙂 … So I tend towards simple tichel ties… like the basic bun with a square scarf or the “regal wrap” with tails hanging only if they’re not too long…these days long tails seem to get in my way…


  52. I really enjoy your posts!

    My favorite color has always been blue, not sure why. I started off liking sky blue, and now it is more of a royal blue or slightly darker royal blue.

    I do wear hats and shietels (shietels mainly for Shabbos) but I have always liked wearing scarves the best. They are a way to express myself in a unique way. I have a limited and (purposefully) simple clothing wardrobe for I am usually a simple person. However, I do enjoy creativity (even though I am not that creative myself!) and the scarves add a splash of “color” and elegance. 🙂


  53. Liat Shyken

    My favourite color is green, but I also really like purple. My personal style is somewhat boring which is why I love your site/ideas. I tend to the more formal side and would love to break away from dull black.


  54. sunflowerphilosophy

    1) My favorite color is blue. Specifically, the color of the Israeli sky on a bright fall morning when there are fluffy white clouds drifting across it. If I were to pick a color defining who I am, that would be it. Fortunately, it is also flattering on me as it brings out the blue of my eyes.

    2) My personal style is simple, casual and comfortable, but elegant. I like to wrap my hair in ties that are simple, generally with one scarf–and if it’s two, it’s usually two plain one-tone scarves with complementing colors. But I love to learn new ways to tie them!


  55. My favorite color is champagne (not exactly cream, not exactly gold, a combo of both). The color is very elegant, and matches other colors as well. Works well for the workplace and also fancy occasions.
    Personal style: whoa, I have no idea how to describe. I like wearing a lot of colors. I try to keep it professional yet modest for the workplace. I like the idea of contrasting colors. Long skirts not just in black (grey, blue, white, beige), and all kinds of tops that I put a white/black long sleeve shirt underneath. I always try to have my tichel match the colors of my outfit, and I always try to wear a different tichel every day. I usually do the regal wrap with a big “bomba” in the back because it feels like I am wearing a crown. My goal is to show that yes, observant women, can be fashionable too…you just don’t need to show so much skin. 🙂


  56. Hadassah Rosenthal (Israel)

    My favorite color is sea blue. I would describe myself as earth, not hippy earthy but grounded earth with a funky twist. I would describe myself as elegantly casual. LOL


  57. sherri

    Until a few years ago, my favorite color was purple — everything i had was purple. Now i see most of my mitpachot are in the teal and turquoise family and i get so many compliments when i wear that color…. so teal has definitely become my new purple. i think it really compliments the color brown ..they go very well together if you’re wearing two scarves. Teal reminds me of the ocean which i miss very much, although i am so so happy to be living in Israel now.
    As far as my style goes, it really depends on my mood…today i am conservatively dressed and a conservative hair wrap to go with and yesterday I looked like an earth mother from the 60’s and I pulled it off with a great flowing hair cover…thanks to your tutorials…love them–thank you so much!


  58. My favorite color is orange, but I don’t wear it so much anymore. I think it is a very happy and vibrant color, and it is sure to lift my mood. My second favorite color is a bright sky blue, for similar reasons. 🙂

    I think hair covering is an inherent part of my style these days! I rock a pretty fun, colorful, modest look and refuse to believe that frumpy is necessary.


  59. I do hope I haven’t posted this twice….but what I wrote earlier is not showing. The favourite colour I choose is Green. Green is my husbands favourite colour. ( Mine is purple, as I love the richness and depth to it, and wearing it strengthens me). Why green? Well my husband is totally blind, so he didn’t choose it because he likes the colour. He chose it because green jellybeans (a lollie/sweet here in New Zealand) taste best. Today is the 12 anniversary of us getting engaged, so I am wearing a green scarf with a purple flower in it to represent us. These are also the colours we used for our wedding, we used the bible verse about a cord of 3 strands being not easily broken, meaning that with God in our marriage with us, our marriage would be stronger. We used a plait as our theme – one strand being green (my husband),one purple (me) and one white with a gold trim (to represent God). As I said I am wearing a green scarf today, but it is not a deep enough, jewel like colour to really suit me. My dream is to find a scarf that combines green & purple, but right now I would just like a nice deep emerald or pine green to wear for my husband and make him smile.

    I wear scarves as I have alopecia. I started loosing my hair when I was 16. Until I was 30 I did the mostly bald look, tried to hide a lot and tried to pretend people were not looking at me. I was very insecure. After I got married I discovered wigs and wore these for the next 9 years. When my wig suddenly needed repairs and I would have nothing to wear for 2 weeks I bought a few cancer style hats. i loved how soft these were on my scalp (not all itchy and hot like the wig). I wore a variety of these for the next 10 months. The one day, during a google search I found a site about using scarves as head covers. it was like a light turned on and a whole new world opened up. I adore scarves. I no longer feel like my head coverings are a desperate attempt to cover my baldness, but that they are a celebration of colour and feminity. I no longer have to hide my baldness, but can instead embrace it and the chance it has offered me to express myself through my scarves.

    My style is romantic creative. I love flowers, tassles, accessories and sumptuous textures. This shows in my scarves with lots of accessories like ribbons, braid, brooches, headbands, flowers and pinned in necklaces.

    If you are interested you can see some of my wraps on


  60. romina

    My favorite color is defenitly green, but I dont wear it too much on tichels…and that is because of the second question, I think I have a pritty clasical style, dont like to take too much attention with cloths, not that I wear black and white but…low profile fits me…now covering my hear fits me because makes me feel more like me with a simply beatifull scarf I can be simply beatifull


  61. Kelly

    It’s really hard to pick a favorite color, but I find my attention drawn to teal green/blues. I think it goes back to my childhood when my mother had these beautiful “peacock blue” curtains in her bedroom. It was my favorite room because of that color. I also find that colors which always looked good with my auburn hair look best as my wraps too.

    I am a stay-at-home mom of three children, so my daily style is fairly comfortable, but when we leave the house, I have to look appropriate because my husband works at an embassy in the Middle East and we are representatives of our country in this community. The fact that I wrap is very accepted and appreciated by our neighbors and the general public, and I find very necessary to disuade unwelcome attention too. Other Americans often ask me about it because they notice how easy it is to look “put together” just by wearing a lovely wrap with layers, tails, or multiple scarves, and in this extreme heat and wind, my hair never looks messy!


  62. Katharina

    Wow, what a great idea, Andrea!

    My favourite colour is definitively red – I just need something red in my clothing to get through the day. When I feel somewhat more low-key, I opt for dark blue.

    Hm, how shall I describe my clothing style and my tichel wrapping… Clothingwise I tend to be casual with a special twist – if I keep the rest of my clothing simple, I can use something more extraordinary like a cool jacket or some fancy accessories. Usually, I love jeans skirts and jersey pencil skirts with some sort of t-shirt, shell, or blouse but sometimes I HAVE to go for long, flowing skirts. As I do not cover regularly (yet), I don’t have many scarves to experiment with, but I usually prefer rectangular, long scarves to wrap a simple regal wrap – no frills, no twists, no accent scarves. I like colourful viscose or cotton scarves and look forward to getting more!


  63. Linda

    Dear Andrea,
    Mazal tov on your website…1000 likes is quite something!!
    What a great idea to ask your followers to answer some questions en share something of themselves…it is really nice to read everyones story!

    As for me, my favorite color is the color of the sea…any mixture of blue and green. I wear a lot of teal, aqua, turqoise etc in combination with royal blue, blueish green or even lavender…and I like shimmery fabrics with little silver or golden threads or fringes…thanks to your tutorials I nog only learn to wrap the scarves more interesting, but also your use of colours is very refreshing!
    The colours of the sea are very calming, soothing and yet vibrant and alive…they make me feel royal! Sometimes I wrap my scarves in the morning and then I look in the mirror if everything’s right, and then my husband says…’Andrea would be proud of you’ 🙂

    My personal style…I find it hard to describe. I think I would describe myself as a warm and loving mother and wife, trying to do everything as good as possible and give everyone in my family what is needed. In that process I learn every day and I am thankful to HaShem that He is giving me so many opportunities to learn, to give and to bless…I think that it is very important what message we (women) send to the world by how we dress ourselves. Tzniut is for me an important concept that goes way beyond dressing, but by covering my hair I can send the right message to this world and maybe even inspire other women to talk about it or to dress in a more modest way.

    Again, Andrea thank you so much for starting this website and make so many tutorials and give tips and trics…you’ve no idea what a blessing you are! I do hope that, some day, you will add some clothing ideas to your website, I’m sure a lot of people would love that!!


  64. I suppose that my favorite color is blue, but mostly, I love jewel tones. They suit me, and I really enjoy the vibrancy of the color.

    My style tends toward lots of fabric- flowy, sometimes a little on the hippie-ish side of things, skirts rather than pants, etc. Covering my head fits wonderfully. I enjoy the chance to match or enhance the colors in my outfit with one more item. I’ve always loved playing with fabric, and this is totally my chance.


  65. I cannot say that I have a favorite color since I love them all. I think my absolute favorites are jewel tones like ruby red, amethyst, etc. I also like different shades of browns. These colors fit my personal style because I love feeling royal. I like gold and match my jewelry with my scarves. I pick scarves that are simple pretty simple and I jazz it up with little accessories. I also wear my scarves like a crown because I feel like a queen when I wear them. (I actually feel prettier with my hair covered.)


  66. aubreann

    Honestly my favorite colors tend to change, but right now I am absolutley in love with coral, any shade, the peachy corals, pinks, neon, orange shades, I love them all. I love how it lends a pop of color to what I am wearing. I have this almost neon coral stretch lace rectangle scarf that I wear as often as possible :), I can change up the look with adding different color scarves underneath. I have several scarves that have coral in the patterns that I love as well.
    I am fairly new to covering, I have been covering since passover of this year fulltime. It has been a decision I have struggled with for about a year, and to be honest I still have days where I struggle but the meaning behind why I cover my hair, and seeing how my husband loves it makes it worthwhile. As my husband reminds me, it is okay to be different, because if we look and act like everyone else, how can they see our light? Well let me tell you, in the small town I live in , I am blazing a trail; I dont know anyone else who fully covers, so I definitely stand out. I have come to the point that now I do feel prettier with my hair covered, and I think I would feel naked if I went with out it.
    I think I have finally found my style in covering, I tend to go for a bright or pretty patterned rectangle or oblong scarf with a volumizer( that and the velvet headband are the bomb!). I usually only use one scarf, depending on the outfit sometimes two, wrapped in a regal wrap style and every now and then I will throw in a huge flower or lace headband to mix it up.


  67. Abby

    My favorite color is shades of blue, as I find it to be a very calming, soothing and flattering to all.
    My personal style is always somewhat fluctuating, although I do tend towards classic and comfortable, but with some funky, vintage-y touches!


  68. Hadassah

    My favourite colour is auqa/mint green, it’s uplifting and cheery but still being subtle. My personal style is very earthy. But when out for work I am the business casual chic with flare! Covering my hair add that little something special to my outfit and says who I am. I am the Jewish girl and I am strong!


  69. maribel torres

    Apreciable andrea
    Estoy muy feliz de haber descubierto su pagina, ya que pude aprender como poner otras formas de cubiertas, yo solo habia utilizado las cencillas y ver que hay estos estilos en las que puedes arreglartelas segun la ocacion, me fasino. Apenas comencé a ver los tutoriles, y casi no tengo muchas bufandas, es como que casi sueño poder adquirir mas de estos.
    Encuato a mis colores favoritos, pues me gustan todos los colores, sin embargo, utilizo mas los formales, como el negro, azul, gris, cafe, dorado y plateado, ah y blanco, con sus posibles combinaciones, es muy dificil decir que uno es el preferido, ya que ahora que he visto su pagina realmente son todos muy hermosos.
    Los estilos con los que me identifico son mas el formal, elegante debido a mi trabajo en oficina, sin embargo en casa utilizo de todos, desde cencillo en esos dias de mucho trabajo , hasta mas complicas….bueno realmente apenas empiezo mi esperincia con estos tutoriales, como le digo antes solo utilizaba los ya hechos cencillos.
    Para mi ha sido muy agradable ver que puedes arreglar tus cubiertas de una forma diferente y bonita, realmente B´H estoy muy emocionada con su pagina y muy agradecida.


  70. 1) What is your favourite colour and why?
    Turquoise reminds me of the sea, I grew up on the shore so I love anything blue but particularly turquoise
    2) How would you describe your personal style and how does hair covering fit into this?

    Oh GOSH! I spent my life in khaki pants and polo shirt, beige khakis, polo and pearls… i had nothing else to wear. yes i was a geek – I still am, but how do you translate khaki pants and polo shirt in frum? khaki skirts and polo shirt? I wasn’t preppy chic, just too busy to choose clothing and colors, the whole thing is so confusing. So now comes the tichel. I spent a couple of years in black tichel because I couldn’t think of any colors, or how to match things. it is enough that i have to match a top and a skirt now I have to match a 3rd piece of clothing!! Andrea do you know how overwhelming this is to the fashion-clueless ? GO play your cello with your left hand now, pick a Paganini and while u r at it, hold a ball on your left foot… when i look at the mirror that is how i feel. It IS challenging.
    Here is a slightly deeper level. back when I had nothing to do with yidishkeit, i hid behind the polo khaki, everyone who sees a girl in a polo khaki has a very clear idea of what she is and the image she wants to projects, I always “hid” behind the preppy/geek mask because I was never comfortable with my vulnerabilities as a woman. It was a shell. Now I feel that I can’t hide! I have to wear myself on my head, and my skit. I do wear whatever tichel finds my way. I read ur blog religiousley and all the other tichel wrapping/ tznius fashion media and try, to wear myself. and not to hide. On that note I am going to the Jeru tomorrow, i think i am going to get adventurous and find myself a nice pair of earrings that go well with the green tichel i ve been experimenting with ( omg tG for youtube) .

    Continue your awsme work friend!


  71. Rivka Berok

    1) Favorite color is anything bright and happy! I love colors and I love to mix and match the colors in my scarf with my clothes. Since being on your website, you really have opened my horizons to not being afraid to experiment with colors and I cannot tell you the amount of positive response I have been getting.

    2) My personal style is friendly. Let me see if I can explain that! I am a chozer b’tshuva in a neighborhood that is recently becoming more involved in Yiddishkeit, BARUCH HASHEM! A lot of people in my community knew me when I wasn’t religious, and now that I’m married and covering mostly with scarves and not wearing a sheitl anymore (I decided this about a year ago 🙂 🙂 ), I try to wrap my hair in ways that will allow people to think, “WOW! I thought covering my hair was a burden but when you can do cool things like this, maybe I can do it too!” And truly, since being exposed to this website, Andrea, my tying and wrapping has gotten very interesting and cool and it’s started a lot of conversations with girls that I probably would have never have spoken to before. I love your styles and when I went on your personal website, I realized you are so relatable to me as well! I really love that. Not only do you wrap really cool but you’re cool as a person tooo!

    May Hashem bless you with all the brachot in the world! You are truly gaining myriads of mitzvot by all the inspiration you are giving on this website. I am in awe. Thank you for everything. If I lived in Canada, I would come to your house and hug you right now!!


  72. Elana

    I have always loved blues of all varieties, although for hair coverings I love anything colorful, especially when paired with a solid base…
    My wrap style is often simple and casual, because I am often in a rush, but I love to layer, twist, braid, and accessorize whenever I can! I am trying to expand my accessory collection with headbands, clips, and flowers, and in the last year (since I got married) I have learned to twist and wrap in much more interesting ways than I could when I first started. And everything looks better with a funky pair of dangly earrings!


  73. melanie

    My favorite color is olive green. I would have to say my style is a cross between bohemian, hippy, and funky.

    I cover because because modesty and religious reasons.

    I love your site. It has helped me alto


  74. Victoria

    Shalom, Andrea! 

    I am *so* excited about this giveaway! I was introduced to your site a few weeks ago by a friend, and I’ve found so much inspiration here! Thank you so much for sharing your journey and style with all of us- may Hashem bless you as you radiate joy in His commandments! 

    My favorite color…so hard to choose just one! I do love lots of “earthy” tones, such as blues, browns, greens, golds, and rust colors. I use these colors for my “base” and then I’ll add in a more colorful ribbon or lace headbands to add more interest. My personal style is… probably a mixture of boho/world traveler/artsy, but subdued by earth tones. I love textures, and fabrics/styles from other countries have always fascinated me! It kind of reminds me how Hashem has made us all so different and unique, and each one of us have our own special beauty and talents from Him. 

    May you be blessed this day! 


  75. My favourite colour is blue. I’m not exactly sure why I gravitate towards this colour; perhaps it’s because I’m a Pisces and blue is the colour of water. I find blue incredibly peaceful and calming, yet it can also be deep and vibrant depending on the shade. I have always looked good in blue and have so many tichels with different shades of blue patterns.
    I guess I would describe my style as fashionably sophistacated. I like things that are exotic, classic, sometimes ethnic and unusual. I like bright colours, bold patterns, flattering lines and elegant pieces. I like gold statement jewelry and colourful beads, sophistacated head wraps, long elegant skirts and stylish dresses. I am not afraid of colour and enjoy being creative. I do cover all of my hair at all times when I am in public. I wear a variety of coverings including beautiful cotton and silk scarves, elegant and cute hats or my long, straight shaitel with bangs. I also feel that just because I’m an orthodox Jewish woman/wife/mother, doesn’t mean I need wear the same “uniform” as many other women in my neighborhood.


  76. Rachel Shifra

    Purple is the color of royalty. We are all supposed to dress and act like a bat melech a daughter of a king. How I dress also reflects my pride of myself and my identity. I met an amazing woman who told me that each person has an inner color, mine was guess what? Purple!

    My style is colorful and comfy. I am never fully dressed till I have my earrings and my scarf on. Usually, I pick the scarf and earrings first then the outfit to match.

    I am also a doula and every time I go to a birth I make sure I have a very interesting scarf and earrings for the birthing mama to look at.


  77. Raynette Grant

    Shalom Andrea and fellow hair wrappers. Personally I like all colors but if I have to just pick one it would have to be purple. I think Purple is a up beat, vibrant and also a calming color! There are so many different shades of it ….just like many other colors.

    As my style goes… first of all I work in a nursing home and I love to wear cheerful and fun colors as well as different wraps as I like matching my hair wraps with my scrubs. The residents love asking me questions about them and why I wear them. I myself love talking to them and my co workers about them. Some of them have called me Ancha mama and scarf girl lol One resident was so interested in them I told her I would bring her one and just so happens I asked her what her favorite color was and she said PURPLE  I brought her one the next week and she was soooo happy and asked me to put it on her right there. It made me so happy to see her roll around in her wheel chair showing the other residents her hair wrap. I have one nurse that calls me sunshine because she says when I walk in I brighten the place up and make the residents happy.

    I wear my hair wrap for my faith, modesty and out of respect for my husband. Thank you for reading and a chance to win. If I am not picked then congrats to the winners!


  78. Myriam Feinberg

    My favourite colour used to be black because it goes with everything but then I married an architect who thinks black is boring! So now I have many favourite colours and my style changes accordingly: sometimes I dress super fancy, sometimes a lot more relaxed, and sometimes (although my husband will still say always) conservative. My new favourite colour is raspberry pink, for the colour of course; but also for the name! What happened to boring Myriam?! Well a husband, but also Andrea, for the amazing and colourful inspiration!


  79. Shelomit bat Dvorah

    I have been told that green complements my eyes, but who cares? It’s just gorgeous all-round!

    Since I work in academia, I try to project a “professional” look through my dress and behavior. For a long time, I struggled with achieving that goal while covering my hair, since it won me many odd looks. In the past couple of years, however, I seem to have managed to come to terms with head-covering in an academic context (baruch HaShem!) Covering more with scarves rather than hats or snoods was a turning point for me. Somehow the elegance of scarves, and the freedom of wrapping them, helped me find a personal style that is both elegant and modest. Now I feel as though I am able to project that “professional” image while at the same time engaging in a spiritual discipline that helps bring me closer to HaShem. I think I have won one little skirmish in the process of reconciling a career of secular learning with an inner life that projects modesty in all aspects. Finally I see hair-covering not as a burden, but a blessing, and am proud and honored to do it. I am no longer ashamed!


  80. From Rachel K.

    My favorite colors are anything bright! They make me smile, make me feel confident and beautiful.

    My personal style since I’ve gotten married and started to cover my hair, is that my clothes are a bit more subdued so that my scarves and hair wraps can be patterned and colorful! I try to wear more jewelry now to add to my look, but I’ve only been married two months (today is our two month anniversary!), so I’m just starting to build up my collection of fun scarves and jewelry! 🙂


  81. My favorite color is forest green, because I feel like it’s the color of life and all good growing things.

    I’ve always been at least somewhat conservative in dress, especially compared to the mainstream world around us. I highly value biblical submission, and once I went to work and my husband was staying home, it became even more important to me to remind myself of this tenet. I therefore began to do a lot of research on the subject, and once I’d an idea, I brought up head covering to my husband. I outlined all my reasons for why I wanted to cover, and he got on board immediately and has supported me in my covering ever since.


  82. First off, thank you for this incredible site! I thought I’d be an everyday sheitel girl because I never saw anyone wear anything this FUN but you’ve won me over! I love love love scarf wrapping now!

    Favorite color: Blue, blue, most definitely blue! Preferably cobalt.
    Why? It’s bright or cheerful, calm or sweet, it’s the color of the sky and the ocean, and last but not least, it looks good on me! There’s no shade I don’t like!

    I don’t have a defined personal style…I wear what I like and I usually look like a different “type” day to day. I do love dresses-specially the cute little tailored ones. 🙂
    Wearing scarves has been wonderful for me because my hair had a lot of personality and I thought I’d…just…look…so boring once I covered it.
    I’ve definitely been wearing a lot more blue lately since my meager scarf collection is mostly that hue (2 month anniversary tomorrow, give me time to grow it!)…

    And…might I just mention that August 1st happens to be my birthday? 😉


  83. 1) What is your favourite colour and why?
    Mine is a lovely med to dark Green, to me it is life, rich and beautiful. And reminds me of the Tree of Life.
    2) How would you describe your personal style and how does hair covering fit into this?
    I am a loyal one, fierce in my walk before G-d, quiet, easy going, and definitely love to laugh. I cover my hair because I am married and it is such a delight to do so before my husband, children and G-d!


  84. Hi Andrea! Thank you once again for your exciting & inspiring blog!

    My favourite colours are grass green, orange, pink, and brown. I would describe my style as casual classic with a touch of boho (I know that sounds complicated :))) Hair covering fits just naturally into this, and I always wanted to cover my hair full-time – which was not possible before my marriage. But now that I am married I enjoy my headcoverings to the fullest!


  85. Cynthia Doniger

    My favorite color is a deep mallard blue, but I really love pairing any solid scarf with a print that contains the same color, the two scarves provide volume and always make for comments when using your wrapping methods!

    I am almost 58 years old and my style is to dress modestly with a touch of gypsy/hippie! Wrapping my hair allows me to do this….and it also allows me to show others that modest dress does not mean frumpy dress!


  86. I love all kinds of colors, but if I had to choose, I’d say different shades of green and blue. The dark, earthy shades are reminiscent of things like summer camp and horseback riding. The cool, vibrant shades remind me of the ocean, which I’ve been lucky enough to see a few times (I live in Minnesota!).

    Most of the time my style is pretty casual. I’m a full-time homemaker/homesteader, so I don’t get out much, and I usually gravitate toward more practical styles when I’ve got tons of work to do. That said, I really love how hanging tails look, so I tend wear those styles to church, or when I go out with friends, or if I just feel like I’m in a headcovering rut and I want a change :).


  87. batshush

    Hi Andrea, and congratulations!!
    1. My favorite colour is pink. It is a happy, optimistic colour. It reminds me of the best things in life; a new baby, candy, love, roses. It is somewhat naive to love pink, but it not only makes me happy, anyone who looks at something pink and pretty get an instant refreshing look on life.
    2. How would you describe your personal style and how does hair covering fit into this?
    My personal style is definitaly colourful and vivacious. Sometimes a bit too much 🙂 . I love a lot of colours and sparkles. The more the merrier. “less is more” doesn’t work for me. More is more!! Hair covering fits into this consept very nicely – the more scarves I wear, the more colours and textures I can mix-n-match. Hair covering also helps make seperate clothing items into well-matched outfits.
    It is not a rare thing for me to wear 4 scarves at ones. For me it is like wearing a work of art. And as it is a mitzvah to cover my hair – why not make the best out of it and celebrate it in a BIG splash of style?


    1. mimimi1

      i love your response…more is more…i would also love if andrea would let you post a couple of pix of you with 4 scarves—isn’t that roasting in the summer?


  88. Meredith

    My favorite color is turquoise because it is a simple yet elegant! It pretty much goes with anything. My style is classy. Adding a few scarfs to my head really adds some elegance to my whole look. Also wanted to say how much I love this page, so much information and inspiring!!!


  89. Naomi

    1) What is your favourite colour and why?
    2) How would you describe your personal style and how does hair covering fit into this?

    First of all, love that favourite & colour are spelled with a “u” as they should be ;-).
    Secondly, thank you so much for your blog and for this exciting contest!
    In general I say my favourite colour is “rainbow”, but, if I had to narrow it down, probably all the “cool” colours such as purples, blues and teals. I like these colours because that’s how Hashem created me :).
    In regards to my personal style- I never put a label to it, but I guess I like to be original and creative in the way I dress while trying to adhere to the haclahos of tznius. I love lots of colour in my wardrobe and am rarely seen in black. So, now with tichals, I am able to make my outfits that much more colourful and creative. My tichal tying skills are still a work in progress, but I love wearing colourful and different tichals! 🙂


  90. LeeAnn

    Hi Andrea and everyone else!
    Mazel tov on the thousand likes!

    My favorite color is difficult as I don’t really have “one” favorite color. I like pinks in the coral ranges that tend to be close to neon pink but with all the variations of tones. I like neon blues but can’t wear them very dark, turquoise and robin’s egg blue are awe inspiring and shades of sea green are lovely also. I tend to love grays and silver if I am looking at metallic and purples in the lilac blue purple periwinkle shades are divine.

    My style of dress tends to be eclectic, but mainly I love the hippy/boho earthy clothing that is comfortable and forgiving. I love jean skirts. I love different ethnic styles and try to embrace them in different ways. I grew up with hand-me-downs from neighbor’s go away piles and I think it carried over a great deal into married life as all the money went to the children and other things we needed. Rarely would I buy something that was really me. Now, I want to be me. For years I wanted to cover my hair for various reasons-modesty, religious, etc. I looked at various religions and how they covered and could never really come up with something that said “me”. Since discovering tichels in the last couple of years and Rivka Malka’s and Andrea’s sites, I can honestly say that this is me. I have also been looking at hats, snoods and some styles of hijab and all I can say is that without the internet I would never have seen all of these different ways to cover and be modest as I live in a very small community and even if you do see people wearing these styles sometimes you don’t think of them as a head covering. I am so grateful to see the lovely styles and to be able to try them and see if I like them. Thankfully my husband likes them most of the time also. I cover completely most of the time, and sometimes only the majority of my hair is covered. It depends on if I am at home or going elsewhere and where that may be.

    Thank you again for showcasing all the different styles and people and for hosting the giveaway.


  91. Shalom Andrea and the whole Wrapunzel world. I just want to say that you have been such an inspiration to me and a beautiful light in the world!

    My favorite color is multicolor which comes together as white. It reminds me that all things and people are part of a whole like a rainbow is made of many colors but is one rainbow. Also with color we can only see a small part of light and I think that in our lives it is so important to remember that we are a part of something that we cannot directly see. What we do influences others like a ripple in a lake. That ripple we make in our small section of the pond may end up as a big wave on the other side of the lake. This is one of the reasons why covering my hair is so important to me because the things we do influence other people and it is such a joy to bring a positive influence into the world. Since I’ve been open and happy to share my experience of covering my hair several women have actually told me that they are also going to cover. Covering the hair for me and for others has lead to deeper spiritual growth that is difficult to put into words for someone who has not yet embraced this practice. Each spark of light we can contribute to the world lessens the darkness and increases the love.


  92. Naomi

    Thank you, Andrea, for such a fun, inspirational & very helpful site! I recently happened upon it and visit it often for ideas. You have a wonderful ministry here!

    Its hard to say which color is my favorite since I love a variety of colors!
    But, would probably lean towards teal, brown or a plum. Recently, I have worn a fuchsia scarf quite often… lol I think I am somewhat indecisive, eh? 🙂 I am always happy to find one that will go with several outfits!

    I am a homemaker and mother to four precious children, so my style is somewhat practical, but I enjoy looking put together and somewhat eclectic. I enjoy the hippy/boho look. I wear longer skirts and often resort to the layered look. My goal is to be modest, beautiful in heart before G-d and to honor my husband by how I present myself. Your site has so encoraged me that covering can be creative and Fun!

    Blessings and Shalom!


  93. Velma

    My favorite color is purple. It is the color of royalty. It is both dignified and fun. It can be a color of joy or of sadness. I wear it almost every day. It has always been my favorite color.

    My style is conservative work wear. Longer dark skirts and wide leg pants. Colorful but tasteful tops. All modest. And for the last 2 years my head covered in something lovely.


  94. My favorite color is blue. I’m slightly obsessed with it, in pretty much any shade.

    My personal style? I cover my hair every day with a hat or tichel. I like to look fun and arty, but still dignified. During the week, I often wear a single scarf, but on Shabbos or date night or when seeing friends, I like to wear something big and whimsical.


  95. TJ

    I believe I accidentally deleted my first post. Please forgive me (and delete the first) if that is not the case and I have submitted two comments.

    1) I don’t really have an absolute favorite color. I love reds, pinks, burgundies, blues, greens, and purples. In the context of head coverings though, my favorite color is white. Though it is neutral and basic to the point of being boring to most, I find that it is stunning and regal against a dark brown skin. It matches everything, sets me apart in a sea of darkly clad Chicagoans, pairs nicely with the pearl accessories I like to wear, and reminds me to remember and respect what is holy. My primary background is southern African American and Christian so white is a color I often associate with churches and holy occasions.

    2) I cover primarily for medical reasons having lost most of my hair to an autoimmune disorder, so for me it was not a religious decision but a practical one. (In my world view however, everything I do becomes entwined with my relationship with the Creator so eventually it all becomes very hard to pick apart!) I believe that a thing worth doing is worth doing well so I cover in a way that reflects my eclectic style and my desire to perform the mundane with as much skill and care as I can muster. I value things that are comfortable, practical, and beautiful and my artist’s sensibility comes through along with my innate love of that which is efficient and functional. I am, oddly enough, a Meyers-Briggs INTJ personality type. I strive for understated elegance that speaks softly but distinctly about who I am an what I value.

    Interestingly, something that is undertaken for practicality can come to serve a deeper purpose too. Covering my head has also become a way for me to assert resistance to certain cultural influences that I find questionable. I don’t dress extremely modestly from the standpoint of most very religious people but I am quite conservative by secular standards. Some of that is influenced by what I find comfortable but it is also very much about me being in control of what I show to the world and resisting the hyper-sexualization and commodification of the female body rampant in the culture at large and in stereotypical depictions of black women in particular. It can be a tool for enforcing boundaries and maintaining personal agency. It can also be a tool to communicate that I am a critical thinker, and OK with being different. Being covered lends a bit of ambiguity to my presence that tends to make people a little more aware around me and makes then engage with me a bit more thoughtfully than they otherwise might. I notice that I am treated differently and perhaps with more respect when I am covered and I have found the experience positive.


  96. Kayla

    My favorite color is light purple and I also like red. My personal style is conservative/comfortable, yet stylish. In terms of hair covering I like to do do things that look nice but are comfortable. I think a hair covering completes an outfit and I love to find out new ways to wrap headscarves. As a working mom of 2 young kids I cherish the fact that I can quickly wrap a headscarf on my head on my way out the door in the morning and I love the way it looks, ive definitely come into my own style in terms of haircovering over the past couple of years.


  97. 1) What is your favourite colour and why?
    2) How would you describe your personal style and how does hair covering fit into this?

    1) my favourite colour is blue and more specifically teal and also israeli blue. Blue and its variations are my favourite colour since I was a child. My eyes are blue and have a tendency to change with the weather hence the fact i like the variation around the blue colour. Also I wear a lot of blue and it really look great with my skin and complexion.

    2) my personal style is casual but also classic. I never wear multicolour outfits because it seems way too excentric for me. I am still in the process of becoming more aware of my feminity and how to dress myself according to who I truly am, and dressing progressively more and more modestly (tzanua) helps a lot and I imagine my style will improve once I’ll be over this stage of discovering who I really am.
    I’m not married yet so I can’t tell how hair covering fit into my personal style but from what I see with my married friends and your wonderful website is that hair covering is away to complete your style and to choose your tichel accordingly to your outfit or your outfit accordingly to your scarf but hair covering can also spice everything and be totally no a way to complete your outfit but to disturb your style a little bit.


  98. Vicki I.

    So, these are two really hard questions! My kids would tell you that my favorite color is purple, but my friends would tell you that i tend to wear purples, deep blues and other jewel tones. 🙂

    My friends would also add that my personal style is “terrible” 🙂 They have been trying to give me a makeover for the past year! 4 kids in 6 years, and becoming a stay at home mom has caused me to put myself on hold…however I am turning 40 this year and have decided to be “40 and fabulous” I have been covering my hair with tichels for the past 7 years and got a sheitel approx. a year ago for the first time. I still prefer scarves to the wig and have loved seeing all of your fancy tying strategies and bold color choices! Keep the info and pics flowing girl!!!!


  99. Beth

    I love many shades of blue, partly because it suits my colouring, and also because it reminds me of the sea, sky and mountains of my native Cape Town, SA. I enjoy colourful, feminine clothes. I love the creative multi-layer wraps on your site, but with the Mexican summer heat I now prefer single scarf wraps decorated with an accessory. So I am now choosing more interesting scarfs and tying them more simply.


  100. Clara Goodman

    I love all of Gds beautiful colors, especially on my head!!!! I especially like mixing a solid tichel with a patterned one. My style is a little shy and a little eccentric once you get to know me. This goes perfectly with the head coverings I love.


  101. I would have to say that my favorite color is blue, probably because it was my dad’s favorite color and ever since I was tiny I wanted to be just like him, so when he passed away I held on to the love of Three Musketeers candy bars, rottweilers, and the color blue just for him.
    Ideally, my style would be feminine and fun, with lots of fun skirts and pink florals. I love a nice bow or rosette! (But, of course, that’s the ideal; some days I can’t seem to get out of my T-shirt and jeans -too comfortable!)
    With tichels, I try to match my outfit as close as I can while keeping it interesting. I love soft patterns and texture!


  102. Annmarie

    My favorite color is blue. There are so many lovely shades to choose from and they are lovely yet not too flashy. My personal style is just evolving lately as I choose to dress “differently” than the norm. My hair is above the shoulder and I love to cover with wide scarves that are headband looking however, they do slip a bit..I am hoping to incorporate wearing them more with my new sense of style.


  103. Jerri

    I honestly do not know what my favorite color is. I was tempted to say yellow or purple but then I start changing my mind! I know I love wearing simple cotton, linen, silk or wool fibers. The style I love is the simple japanese style or Ellen Fisher type clothing. Long skirts with flowing shirts…


  104. Shira

    I think my favourite colours to wear are jewel tones – purples, reds, teals/turquoise, bright blues and emerald greens, etc… and I tend to wear them all at once!

    I think my personal style is a mixture of casual, vintage, indie, and just whatever else I feel like wearing. I like to pair up odd combinations, and sometimes have the nerve to wear them outside. I have really struggled with Judaism and mitzvoth for over ten years. I really can’t decide what to believe, whether to believe or not, and I tend to refer to myself as ‘sitting on the fence… a very pointy painful fence’. Wearing scarves on Shabbat to shul, and to certain friends homes, has been a very positive experience for me in incorporating religious actions into my comfort zone, while struggling in raising a family where one parent is a strong believer and the other is ‘on the fence’. Scarves have added a new way for me to express and explore my individuality in a religious context, which is where I felt so much conflict growing up. I’m so happy I chose to start covering my head on holidays. I wish other areas of Judaism could mesh with my life just a little more easily.


  105. My favorite color is black, although I’ve been trying to branch out and be more bold and creative.

    My personal style would be vintage/hippie if I wasn’t working, but I have a professional career – so I do a lot of simple classics. My headcovers tend to make me feel very royal – dignified and elegant.


  106. princesshannon

    What an amazing and fun opportunity…thanks so much for hosting this!
    1) What is your favourite colour and why?
    I have to say that my favorite colour is teal blue/green. It’s rich and evocative…stirring to the eyes and to the creativity. It soothes me and makes me smile. My favorite bandana has shades of teal, green, royal, and purple in it! I love to wear it over a royal pre-tied.
    2) How would you describe your personal style and how does hair covering fit into this?
    This is a funny question for me, honestly. I often wear shirts that have geeky things on them…sci fi movies, funny quotes, etc. with frilly, girly skirts (used to be jeans only) and simple shoes. Hair covering actually has offered me a way to revel in, celebrate, and show outwardly my own inherent femininity. For too many years, I allowed life circumstance (3 children with ASD and my own severe MCTD) to beat my spirit down. My clothing was meaningless and often leaning more towards the masculine as I tried to portray an aura of toughness and never softness. I realized after an epiphany that “toughening” my exterior wasn’t actually shoring up my internal defenses…so I allowed myself to be soft and feminine. Covering my hair was the proverbial icing…I actually began to more deeply recognize my blessings, walk with more dignity, and give up the chip on my shoulder.


  107. Hi there! So nice of you to host a giveaway. To answer your questions, my favorite color is pink! I think because it’s very feminine. My style is subtle. I like to wear earth tones. I’m not flashy. I’ve only been covering for a year but I absolutely love it. It suits me perfectly. I am so thankful my husband has allowed me to cover. I love saving my glory, my hair, only for him. I feel like I have a secret that only we share. Besides that, I think hair coverings on women are absolutely stuning and give glory to our Creator! Shalom!


  108. I guess my favourite colour came about more as an observation – I couldn’t resist being attracted to the colour red! I also seem to be attracted to a fair share of purple that can be seen in my scarf collection. It often happens that I’ll choose a scarf first and pick an outfit to match it 😉 My personal style has evolved from cartoon tshirts I wore as a student to more appropriate work attire. For Shabbat I practically only wear dresses these days.

    Over time I’ve really learned to embrace covering my hair with scarves, which can sometimes be difficult when you’re surrounded by girls in their fancy sheitels. I always get so many compliments from friends, women at shul and people who’ve just seen me around at how I tie my scarves and have really made it into my own style, accessorizing with bows, clips, ribbons etc. It gives me great confidence, and makes performing this mitzvah a whole lot easier.


  109. Yarden Cottrell

    1) My favorite color is tealy-blue-green, partly because it’s so rich, saturated, cool, compliments my eyes, but mostly because it is reminiscent of peacock feathers and I sort of have an obsession with peacock feathers. It started with planning my wedding – I wanted peacock feathers in my bouquet. And then I wanted the bridesmaids to have it in their bouquet (you can guess what color dresses they wore!), and then I wanted the guys to have peacock feather boutonnieres, and in the centerpieces, and the chuppah….
    Basically there were peacock feathers everywhere, including my shoes and my hairpiece. Now that I’m married, I have a long peacock feather hairpiece that I wear with my tichels (when I wear long scarf tichels) and I love it. I get compliments on it all the time. If I could upload a photo of me wearing it I would. So really, my favorite color is peacock feathers =P
    2) I would describe my personal style as boho-chic, and I like some vintage and earthy mixed in there as well. I like mixing old with new, and tichels and peacock feathers usually fit right in no matter what! Even though I have a shaitel, I rarely ever wear it, although I do sometimes enjoy having hair once in a blue moon. I prefer covering with a mitpachat just because I feel like it fits better with my style, it’s a lot more comfortable for day-to-day, and I just love the way it looks. A lot of people say “I’m not a tichel person, I look way better in a shaitel, etc.” but I think anyone can wear a mitpachat as long as they find the right wrap for their face shape and personal style that they like.


  110. rachimama

    Hi there! My favorite color is purple (any shade), preferably combined with a green accent. My style is comfy-artsy-funky. I work full time in the arts and have three girls, plus one more on the way, so I need my clothes to be both comfortable, easy and professional – not always an easy task. Because I work in the arts, I can be a little more “out there” in my clothing and head covering choices, which is lots of fun. I love covering my hair and my girls love helping me to pick out tichels to match my outfits. My two-year-old loves playing “married lady” and has me wrap her hair for fun!


  111. Chava Goldberg-soon-to-be-Newman

    Blue. My favorite color is definitely blue 🙂 I find blue calming and relaxing and just a few years ago, I discovered that it looks good on me too (especially dark, rich shades)! It’s also one of the only colors that can be bright (in clothes) and still not be too flashy. I’d say that’s a win-win all around.
    My style is colorful and classy. I like to look dressed up and put together every day, but I don’t like to look boring and blah. So everyday I pick a main color to wear, usually blue or purple, and then fill the rest in with black or white.
    I absolutely love my hair. People I’ve met once or twice remember me in the future because of my hair. It’s giant and curly and bouncy and fun-it reflects my personality. I always dreaded having to cover it, but not doing so never even came close to being an option. But when I went to Israel for a year, I fell in love with the colorful scarf combinations and wraps that people came up with. They’re gorgeous, they show personality, and I still look like ME in them, even without my trademark curly hair. And after finding this website, my decision has been totally validated and I’m hooked!! I’m getting married in 4 days iy’h and I’ve already started practicing different wraps with the few scarves I already have!


  112. Thank you for celebrating with a giveaway! My favorite color is blue. I love all blues, but especially turquoise, and I don’t know why, except that when I wear that color, I get compliments! I want to learn how to cover my hair, but I am a hopeless “all thumbs” type and am scared I will make a big mess. But I keep coming back to your posts and loving them, and I think this is giving me courage to try.


  113. I love pink. In fact I would live in pink if I could.
    Personal style – very out there. My head coverings always match my clothes. I wear a wig grip, volumizer (affectionately called my fake bump) then a tichel or two, always ending in a braid worn over my left shoulder.
    Thanks for the giveaway.


  114. Jess P

    My favorite color is blue. It looks great on me, matches my eyes, and is calming.

    My style is generally casual with a bit of hippie chic. I usually wear bandanas around the house, but I do enjoy dressing up a bit more for going out. Colorful scarves, especially openwork mesh types, go great with my flowy skirts, multi-colored dresses, and fun shirts. Plus, fun, dangley earrings always look awesome with my hair wrapped up.


  115. chani

    My favorite color is purple (maroon). I definitely like colors in general though. I’d say my style is “low maintenance”. I cover my hair whenever I’m out of the house, but I just like things to be easy. The easier the better! Or well, easy and pretty 🙂


  116. I would describe my personal style as classic and elegant, with a twist. I like regal, formal, feminine things, but it can’t look like everyone else 😉
    My tichels tend to be all black, but I think I’d like to try something in the blue, teal, green family…
    Either that or coppery tones….
    Thanks for running this giveaway!


  117. Hi there 🙂 Sneaking in at the last minute 😉

    My favorite color, in general, is blue, but for hair coverings for some reason it’s purple. My personal style is fairly conservative, but still tries to pay homage to the latest styles. For example, I might buy a new shirt or pants in a new style, but keep the colors muted or try to make it all work in a way that doesn’t draw attention to myself. I feel like my hair covering is part of that, but it depends on the occasion. When I’m just going to school or around the city, I try to find whatever goes with my outfit the best and won’t stand out too much, but still looks nice on me. I try to be much more inventive for Shabbat, and spend more time and energy – and usually at least two scarves. For weddings and other special occasions, I tend to go all out – a sparkly tichel, some jewelry, something to make it beautiful and worthy of the occasion, since I don’t wear wigs at all.


  118. Color: Blue. Hard to pick only one color, because I tend to wear colorful overshirts and hats, but I love blue. No amazing reason why, but it’s nice.

    Headcovering: I wear a sheitel at work, berets/pretieds on my days off, and generally fancy hats or a fancy tichel on shabbos. I cover also for modesty standards, and my personal style is very much comfort oriented, although I dress very femininely on shabbos with all of my pretty dresses and jewelry.


  119. Susan

    My favourite colours are violet, magenta, and copper. I guess magenta would be #1. My stye is evolving as I find out more about myself. I like Mimkhatah Kerchiefs & Seret Metzach when I am busy and informal, Tichels of many variations, and Snoods. I use headbands to enhance these coverings and to keep them from slipping. I love to use accessories, clips, layers of fabrics,antique and modern brooches, and ribbons to accent my head coverings. Thank you excellent teachings!

    Broochs, and ribbons to accent my headcoverings. I am quite eclectic in my coverings; I like to



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